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Written by Michael Plis. Your go-to source for smart technology & cybersecurity insights for small business. 

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Will AI Cause Job Losses & is there a need for Universal Basic Income?

Updated: May 6

Art drawing about Ai Accountability.
About this artwork: “This represents how AI needs to take constant accountability. Various actions are occurring all around the centre orb which represents AI’s moral responsibilities. The orb centrepiece remains stable to make sure everything is balanced and functional.” Artist: Champ Panupong Techawongthawon / Unsplash: DeepMind

In this article I discuss an OpenAI report on future AI caused job losses and the need for Universal Basic Income for humanity.

❗Breaking AI News❗ A report released on Monday, March 27th, 2023, by OpenAI, OpenResearch, and the University of Pennsylvania has revealed staggering job losses, particularly at university degree levels across most industries, with some facing the possibility of 100% job loss. What's your opinion on the future of AI and jobs? Is there enough government review and regulation regarding AI?

While this research uses empirical tests and evidence, it's clear that only time will tell what actually happens. However, these are valid projections and recommendations for government policy planners.

The paper is entitled "GPTs are GPTs: An Early Look at the Labor Market Impact. Potential of Large Language Models" by Tyna Eloundou, Sam Manning, Pamela Mishkin, Daniel Rock. The paper can be downloaded here.

Responses to the paper

In a response video by Alex Ziskind, the founder of, he mentioned that he's worried about all jobs, including programmers and other key professionals. Here is his response video:

In my opinion, the genie is now out of the bottle, as I've been predicting for a number of years in my posts on LinkedIn and across my social media.

Now it's up to governments and institutions to catch up to what's happening and define the future of mankind. The human mind is at an existential threat of being made second grade as these tools are refined. For example, later this year, GPT5 and equivalent tools from other providers like Google will be better than humans in many mind tasks.

Governments need to plan Ai legislation now

Artists painting on ai
Governments need to legislate Ai. “The orb centrepiece stays concrete and strong to ensure that everything is operating smoothly with the AI. With a constant flow of energy revolving around it, it creates trust and accountability in the system.” Artist: Champ Panupong Techawongthawon - Unsplash: DeepMind

Is universal basic income planning required by all countries in the coming years when millions upon millions of people are made redundant, slowly but surely?

Given the low cost nature of these generative AI tools, especially when they become integrated into all sorts of applications and text fields, it's going to be much cheaper to use them instead of having expensive staff with holiday leave, sick leave, and so forth.

The speed at which AI response time will come is going to be faster and faster in the coming years. There will be big protests and anger in many different professions, but one thing is clear: this world runs on money, and money is associated with greed. Therefore, AI is good for business and good for the bottom line. That's the cold, hard fact. The only thing we can do is ride the wave.

The report mentions that manual work such as trades and other areas are not as affected as university jobs that involve more desk work. The manual, physical work, and physical artistry that require the mind still will not be affected.

Next 10 years in Ai

3 Train tracks with an end
The future is uncertain for Ai and its effects but we can make some assumptions. Artist: Khyati Trehan - Unsplash: DeepMind

Looking forward to 10 years, will humans need to work at all? Or will they be able to focus on their hobbies and interests and create more amazing things than machines can? Will I also be relegated to that of a vegetable? I'd like to think that humanity will not self-destruct. If it does, do we need a higher intelligence to step in from outside the Earth?

The paper can be downloaded here.

My concluding thoughts:

Use Ai repsonsibly.

Use its advantages

Beware of its dangers.


Michael Plis

(Ps: I used ChatGPT to check grammar & spelling but I wrote the lot above as I am neurodiverse and struggle with interpretation and writing)


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