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IT Security Policy

Last Updated 16/08/2021

About our Cybersecurity


It's important that we lead by example when it comes to Cybersecurity. So we have outlined our Cybersecurity practices based on industry recommendations below. Learn more how Cyberkite can protect your business. 


Our website & payment systems

  • Website secured with SSL certificate & MFA

  • Website Data stored securely & backed up. 

  • Our store Payment Systems have sophisticated detections to prevent payment fraud - learn more here.

  • Protected by Google reCaptcha allowing only real humans to view the site
  • Website is checked and verified by TrustedSite

Our data storage, apps & devices

  • Our data is securely stored

  • Out data is securely backed up daily

  • All our apps & devices are secured, encrypted and protected with strong authentication including MFA

Our email system

  • Strong Anti-Spam Protection

  • Our staff are Cybersecurity Awareness trained.

All websites in Australia need a IT Security Policy (in a data privacy conscious world) so we have partnered with a legal writing agency for them to offer you some great legal writing services.** 

If your business website requires up to date legal documents including a IT Security Policy statement to comply with workplace laws then LawPath is the way to go! They have a library of 300+ legal documents written by lawyers and services such as legal advice, lawyer marketplace and much more.


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** Affiliate Disclosure Statement

Some of the products listed on our website contain affiliate links such as LawPath. If you click through using one of our affiliate links and decide to purchase, we may receive an affiliate commission (at no additional cost to you) in return for marketing the product you purchased, as well as hosting and running this website.

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