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About Healthcare & Wellbeing clinics

As at April 2020 there were 22 million My Health Records & 91% of Aussies have a smartphone. So use of mobile devices is and will be extremely crucial in healthcare service delivery. 


As a small healthcare provider you are probably faced with a huge amount of issues after COVID-19 came to town in March 2020. The face of healthcare will never be the same. Australian government has stated​ that there are permanent telehealth items and they are assessing long term telehealth as part of Australia's digital transformation in healthcare.

Has your clinic experienced any of these IT problems?

1. Outdated telephone system with handsets plugged in by cable - you often need to go back to the office to check messages and the phones keep failing. Slowing your firm down in performance. No way to do effective conduct video conferencing across teams and and staff securely. No telehealth service. 

2. Aged computers that store precious and sensitive health documents on the local hard drive - if the hard drive fails the data will be lost. No or few devices that allow the whole team to meet a different locations. 

3. You have many disconnected or manual processes as well as double handling. You have devices that slow the client visits and delay the next patient form getting help from the practitioner. This creates a negative perception and negative reviews for your health clinic. 

4. You are having problems implementing telehealth. You might have a video conferencing option but it doesn't meet the privacy and customer service needs required for the healthcare.

5. You have a lot of paperwork to send to clients, to receive, to send to other clinics and suppliers and so on. It all has to be orderly and accessible anywhere but often things have to be faxed back and forth and scanned several times. No way of digitally signing. 

6. In the ever changing future you may need more technology to compete with other practices or clinics. 

Unified Communications for Health

Our Google Meet with RingCentral Telephony solution is tailored to the needs of Australian helthcare providers and will help focus your team on delivering care to your clients and not be focused on back of office. Learn more.


Managing Patient Telehealth appointments can be ery difficult and the privacy of customer can be difficult to maintain. We have just the solution for your clinic: COVIU. Contact us for further inforamtion.

Computers for Health

We think that healthcare requires fast, simple and very secure devices to ensure maximum protection of their client data. 

Our range of Apple computers and tablets is an excellent option for tried and tested reliability & security at the clinic. And Apple TV in the waiting area can keep the clients entertained and distracted. Learn more.

Our Chromebooks will amazingly fulfill all your health clinic computing needs at high speed simultaneously. Learn more

We have casual IT Support sessions available for helping you setup your workstations and issues you might need addressed. Learn more

Technology for Practice management

Imagine Paperless Practice! Transitionining to a fully or almost fully paperless office will do wonders for your practice such as negating any archival costs except digital storage, getting clients to sign the induction forms fast without the need for reception to manually type it out and so on. Learn more.


Imagine a Practice Management Software (PMS) that doesn't require a lot of IT support and works anywhere anytime! We can provisde consultation and implementation support fpor a number of PMS options. Book a consultation below. 

Cybersecurity for Health

It is very important to protect your medical client data - especially as a health clinic because you store sensitive details about your clients and hackers love stealing such information regadless of your clinics size.  Therefore it's important to ensure strong security. Cyberkite can help increase your defenses. 

This includes putting together the right selection of products and applications to: 

1. Secure your devices

2. Secure your staff

3. Secure you client data

While at the same time not overly restricting your staff performance. 

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