Our buy now, pay later solution for our business customers of all sizes. 

Request to purchase any product from our Cyberstore or as a quote or proposal via BizPay for sums between $100 and above (no upper limit)

Easy 3 Step Process: 

1. Sign up in 2 Minutes

2. Upload our Invoice to BizPay (request any product(s) tgo be quoted & invoiced instead of buying online.)

3. BizPay will handle the rest

Would you prefer to pay in 4 monthly instalments? You can do this instantly with BizPay.

Ordering Online
Online Shopping

Direct Debit with GoCardless

For recurring payments directly from your bank. The automated bank deposits. 

Ideal for: Monthly invoices for subscriptions and other regular services fees. 

To use that option for any recurring software and services subscriptions form us please Request a Quote and we will arrange it. 


Payment Options

Cyberstore, Book a Session & Invoice  Payment Options


Included charges on all products & services via the website and invoices: 10% Australian GST & 1.75% surcharge incurred for Card, Google Pay & Apple Pay payments.


  • Visa - Credit & Debit Cards with that logo. 

  • MasterCard - Credit & Debit Cards with that logo

  • American Express - Credit & Debit cards with that logo

  • Google Pay - accessible on all devices and requires a Google/Gmail account and payment methods attached to it. 

  • Apple Pay - Accessible via any Apple Device & Safari browser and requires an Apple ID and payment methods attached to it.

Manual Payment Options


We have a couple of manual / offline payment options that will allow you to skip the payment surcharge of 1.75%​ when purchasing products from the website or paying for an invoice we sent you. 

  • Bank Transfer or Pay ID Option (Upon request) - for any  Cyberstore products, Session Bookings and Invoices we can do an Bank Transfer or Pay ID transaction for all Australian customers. In fact it's our preferred method to avoid payment gateway surcharge of 1.75%

    • To order anything from our website without the surcharge whether its a product or Book a Session: Request a Quote and we will send out an offline quote to you to approve. 

    • Once you approve the quote, you will receive an invoice with Manual Payment Options at the bottom of the invoice which include Bank Transfer & Pay ID methods which don't incur a surcharge.  

    • Email us back a remittance if possible.  It may take up to 2 days to clear the transaction before we can order the product from our suppliers. 

  • Cash Payment Option (Upon request) - For Onsite Only - we can do a Cash payment but only for onsite visits for products and sessions. After receiving the cash payment order in person we will send you an invoice to notimated email address as a confirmation of cash payment. 

Payment Terms

  • All advertised prices on the website include 10% Australian GST & 1.75% payment surcharge for Card, Google Pay and Apple Pay payments.

  • Our Credit / Debit Card payment system (for Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Google Pay & Apple Pay) is backed by Stripe. ​They have fraud detection systems against lost or stolen cards used illegally. 

  • Products from the Cyberstore or via direct Invoices will not be ordered or shipped until payment has been cleared which usually takes up to 2 days or less. Our products are mostly the cost we have to pay to our suppliers and are usually substantial amounts so all products are ordered only once the payment has been cleared. 

  • Unless stated, the Labour Charges and/or Additional items are not included in advertised prices. 

  • Refer to more Services Terms here.

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