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Finance & Pay options

We offer a variety of Finance & Payment options. For other payment types request special payments


BizPay - Buy Now, Pay in 4

Improve your cash flow and purchase those much needed IT & Cybersecurity upgrades with Cyberkite's BizPay payment option. 


  • Number of instalments: BizPay any Cyberkite invoice in 4 easy monthly instalments with 1st payment after first 30 days.

  • Surcharge: Surcharge is 0.5% of the total invoice value added to each monthly instalment (2% total surcharge). And there is no interest charged!

  • Amount limits: This option can handle sums between $100 and above (no upper limit!)


Example 4 instalment repayment plan

  • Total invoice amount: $10,000 incl. GST

  • Total repay surcharge: $10,000 x 2% = $200 incl. GST

  • Total repay incl. total BizPay fee: $10,200 including GST

  • Repayment each month: $2,550 incl. $50 0.5% surcharge


To pay with BizPay for store products or Cyberkite offline invoices: Review How it works - 3 steps below. 

Legal: The responsibilities and repayment relationship is between you and BizPay - not between you and Cyberkite. Please review: 

BizPay Signup link is an affiliate link from the vendor - we get a compensation, no extra cost to you. Disclaimer

BizPay - Buy Now, Pay in 4
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Apply for a loan with Valiant

For a more long term repayment plan for your IT & Cybersecurity equipment and software we've partnered with Valiant who are leaders in business loan solutions.

Your go-to place for all things business finance. They have a network of over 70+ lenders, they are the only business loan marketplace in Australia with options from banks and alternative business loan providers.

No matter where you are in the process, their dedicated credit specialists are here to help and have over 100+ years of combined industry experience.

They can go through your options such as equipment finance and other types of business loans that suit you. 

Simply get a valiant quote or request a call back from Valiant and apply for a loan. Once the funds are approved and in your bank please purchase whatever products you require from our store or contact us for a quote offline. 

Legal: This service is not provided by Cyberkite but by Valiant Finance Pty. Ltd. (ABN 95 606 560 150) and they hold an Australian Credit Licence 500 888. We get a small referral fee for it but it doesn't affect your loan cost.

Apply for loan with Valiant

Above is an affiliate link from the vendor - we get a compensation, no extra cost to you. Disclaimer

Ordering Online

Direct Debit with GoCardless 


Ideal for: Monthly offline invoices for subscriptions and other regular services fees. Our store subscriptions are automated via the store so you won't need GoCardless for those.  

To use that option for any recurring software and services subscriptions from us please Request a Quote and we will arrange it. 

GoCardless - Auto direct debit

Manual Payment options

We have two payment methods that skip the card payment 1.75% surcharge when purchasing products from the website or paying for an invoice we sent you offline. 

Bank Transfer or Pay ID Methods


These payment options are available to pay for products from our website at checkout when selecting Manual Payment option or pay for booked sessions (via Book a session). It's either the good old Bank Transfer (BSB/Account number) method or PayID method (registered email or mobile number as ID). See How it works below.

  • To pay for products on the store simply add them to the cart and at checkout select Manual Payment option. Store invoice will be emailed to you to pay manually. If there are products you need that are not listed on the website please request a quote via green chat. Include the product SKU if known (or name or website links) and quantity and we can check our distributors. 

  • Booked sessions (via Book a sessionare billed after as an invoice with Manual Payment options at the bottom of each invoice PDF and in the online invoice link in the email.

  • To pay for offline invoices (invoices we send for services / products not listed on the website) have a Manual Payment options at the bottom of each invoice PDF and in the online invoice link in the email. Manual Payment option is our preferred payment option mentioned at the bottom of those invoices.

Physical Cash Methods


You have an option to pay in cash. For products & services provided through the website at checkout you select Manual Payment option and receive an invoice in email or for booked sessions (via Book a session) or any of our offline invoices. This is available to Australian customers only. These payment options also skip the 1.75% payment surcharge. See How it works below.

Option 1 - Pay with cash in hand


Pay for store order invoices or offline invoices with cash handed to one of our staff. For payments up to $10,000. For Greater Melbourne customers only.

Option 2 - Pay cash with Australian Post

There are a number of options to deposit cash to your local Australia Post brand across Australia and send up to $10,001 to pay for any store order invoice or offline invoice. If you need to send more split the payment into multiple Money orders (but discuss it in advance with us). 

Option 3 - Pay cash by sending with Prosegur


Prosegur is a leader in cash in transit service to collect your cash from your business and securely transport it to their processing centres and then deposit it to our bank account. This is a cash send payment method for amounts over $10,001 to pay for store order invoices or offline invoices. 

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Manual Payment options
Card & Digtal Payment options
4717 - AMEX Multicard Lockup.jpg

Card & Digital Payment options


  • GST is calculated at checkout. 

  • Card / Apple Pay / Google Pay payments don't incur a 1.75% surcharge on all website purchases.

Types available


  • Visa - Credit & Debit Cards with that logo. 

  • MasterCard - Credit & Debit Cards with that logo

  • American Express - Credit & Debit cards with that logo

  • Google Pay - accessible on all devices and requires a Google/Gmail account and payment methods attached to it. 

  • Apple Pay - Accessible via any Apple Device & Safari browser and requires an Apple ID and payment methods attached to it.

Payment Terms

  • Prices include GST.

  • Prices and products are exclusive to businesses and organisations. At checkout you will be required to provide an ABN or ACN in order to fulfil the order. We will then verify your details and ABN/ACN.

  • Card / Apple Pay / Google Pay payments don't incur a 1.75% surcharge on all website purchases.

  • Our Credit / Debit Card payment system (for Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Google Pay & Apple Pay) is backed by Stripe. ​They have fraud detection systems against payment fraud. Fraud Protection Policy here.

  • Products from store or via direct Invoices will not be ordered or shipped until payment has been cleared which usually takes up to 2 days or less. Fraud Protection Policy here.

  • Unless stated, the Labour Charges and/or Additional items are not included in advertised prices. 

  • Refer to more Services Terms here.

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Payment Terms
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