Technology Consultancy

Make technology decisions today, that will steer your organisation to an amazing future.

Benefits of an Independent Technology Consultant?

1. Experts in helping you choose the right technology solution for your needs.

2. Discover new angles and ways of using technology within the business, particularly IT.

3. Advocates for your business.


4. Champions to make sure you are spending your money wisely.

5. We collaborate with all stakeholders to get the full picture.

6. We can work with your MSP's and Internal IT Teams without competition and we are happy sign a Non Compete & Non Disclosure agreements.

7. Carrier-agnostic. We offer the solution that best fits your needs.

8. Brilliant "outside the square" ideas that could change the course of your organisation.


9. Eliminate the frustration caused by "stab-in-the-dark" approach to IT Procurement & IT Safety.

10. Challenge existing pre-conceptions or preferences on specific technology within your organisation.

11. We support you in relation to all aspects of technology including cybersecurityprocurement and digital wellbeing technology (covering areas of physical & mental health around IT).

How we walk with you through your Digital Transformation


Our carrier-neutral engineers design your custom solution.


We request multiple quotes from well-qualified providers.


We work with you to determine which solutions best meet your requirements.


We stay with you through deployment and provide status updates. For larger projects, complex project management is available.


We provide real time circuit monitoring and trouble ticket escalation on your behalf.


About our Technology Consultancy

What does a Technology Consultation from Cyberkite involve? 


Wikipedia defines Technology consultants as a field of activity that focuses on advising organizations on how best to use information technology (IT) in achieving their business objectives.

As a full-service technology consultancy, we work with over 220 pre-vetted global carriers and have engineers who can help design, implement, and manage your environment.


We know no two businesses are alike, so we create a custom approach to your Cloud, Voice, IT, and other technology services to your specific needs.

Types of consulting we can cover with your teams:

  • All aspects of information technology can be discussed as we are a gateway to a large amount of solutions and providers. We assist in getting it right. 

  • We can advise your team on Cybersecurity that's right for your organisation at least once a year during a Cybersecurity Review. Don't end up like Toll Trucks walking with paper forms for 3 weeks. 

  • We assist with IT Procurement & connecting you with the right technology in a neutral way - without ties to specific vendors or products. We also offer easy procurement options including our online store called Cyberstore

  • We can review your organisations IT Safety ​- systematic review & recommendations to reduce or prevent injury from the use of technology with the help of wellness technology to create the best digital wellbeing for staff & clients. Check out out IT Safety Tips blog for some handy basic tips in various areas.

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About IT Procurement consultations


According to article "The secrets of effective IT Procurement" it suggests that "CIOs said that ideally, there should be one point of contact with potential vendors. At the same time, it is essential there is internal alignment across the company as to what is needed before beginning vendor discussions.".


How can you achieve both sides? You need to hire an independent Technology consultant to help gather consensus between CIOs, IT leaders, other leaders, MSP's or internal IT teams. 

Why we are the right choice for IT Procurement? 

  • Yes - We articulate your IT product needs by listening & understanding your requirements
  • Yes - We offer proactive and supportive customer service along your journey
  • Yes - We solve your problems within budget & on time
  • Yes - We don't conflict with your internal IT Team or your IT Managed Service Provider
  • Yes - We specialise in putting together customised branded and properly matched bundles. 

  • Yes - We sell Aussie stock, not funky imported stuff with funky warranty both on the Cyberstore and B2B directly. 

  • Yes - We focus on quality products to give you the best. 



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IT Procurement Consulting

Office Social Distancing

Digital Wellbeing Consulting

About our Digital Wellbeing consultations

What is Digital Wellbeing in the workplace? 

Digital wellbeing is a term used to describe the impact of technologies and digital services on people's mental, physical, social and emotional health. Application of digital wellbeing has become very important, especially for those working from home or office or both (hybrid approach).  Please also read our IT Safety tips blog outlining some common tips in various areas that cover digital wellbeing.

  • Will reduce office accidents

  • Will improve or help prevent mental health & other disorders

  • Will help prevent long term physical injury

What we can cover during the consultations: 

  • Integration of technology for digital wellbeing (wellness/wellbeing technology) in the office and work from home office such as our range of Google Nest speakers, applications and other technology. Learn more about smart office.

  • Electrical safety assessment of workstations via video sessions or onsite. Onsite sessions also include our famous workstation and network cabinet cleanup service with removable cable tidy options. 

  • Ergonomic assessment of workstations (from an IT Safety perspective) and work from home office areas via video sessions and onsite with recommendations and sales of ergonomic technology: 
    • monitor & laptop mounting solutions
    • quality stand up computer desks
    • bionomic computer chairs etc. 
    • walking treadmills

  • Discussion & solutions to address mental health effects related to technology specific to your business. 
    • Addressing staff overwork with technology through: 
      • smart office solutions to remind staff of rest breaks and to finish up
      • time tracking apps to gather stats and monitor staff
      • unified communication through one app instead of dozens. 
      • assistance in review of the areas to improve in governance,  policies and procedures - where technology bottlenecks could be wasting a lot of time and effort. 
      • localised workstation apps and settings to remind or cut-off worktime. 
      • other options
    • We work with those suffering from mental health by finding apps and hardware to help aid their work in the workplace, wherever that may be. 
    • Assessing the "vibe" in the workplace in relation to the use of technology and mental health in whatever workplace staff are in - what's working and what's not working. 

  • Much more​


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