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Hi my name is Michael Plis, and I can say that except the robots... COVID-19 has affected most organisations and businesses across the world. Most organisations are looking at ways for their staff to work from home. Cyberkite has put together a package of support and advice on this page.  

During 2020 Cyberkite provided a generous 40% off discount on all Book a Session appointments to help customers adjust their operations and in light of their additional costs to adjust. We have now returned to normal rates in 2021, the year of "COVIDNormal". 

Cyberkite COVID-19 Measures Onsite

  • All local government guidelines and rules followed at client sites. 

  • Social Distancing of 1.5 meters 

  • Dissinfection of any surfaces touched including devices. 

  • Where possible, we arrange Remote sessions instead of Onsite. 

Additional Resources for dealing with COVID-19: 


1. Good internet connection: Contact us to get NBN (Aus)  wired high speed internet or alternatives such as Personal Hotspot. 

6. Printer/Scanner: Good printer and scanner. Contact us for a quote to purchase & setup one.  

2. Video Conferencing: Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Viber and so on. Good headset. Contact us to help you purchase & setup simple low cost setup. 

3. Workspace: Desk, chair, lighting quiet (if possible) are in the home. 

5. Computer: Reliable computer - preferrably a laptop. If yours is outdated, slow or in need to maintenance - please Contact us

4. Mobile Phone: You will need a good mobile phone with a wireless or wired headset with a good plan. Contact us to assist you in upgrading your phone, setting it up and sourcing a good wireless headset. 

For any of these platforms or tools, if you need to buy a work from home product please contact us for a quote or if you need help setting it up, train you on it or fix it, book IT Support remotely: book a session (Discounted by 40% off during COVID19 until end of 2020)


1. Antivirus: It's not enough to use the free antivirus - especially if you connect to your company resources. Contact us for a quote on sale and setup of good anti-virus. 

2. Encrypt all your devices (& their drives: internal or external): If your house gets broken into and they take your computers, and its not encrypted, then its very easy to circumvent a password. Contact us to help with that. 

3. Lock Computer & Set Passwords: When leaving the room, lock your computer. All passwords need to be different and strong. Save them all using Google Password Manager (via Chrome) or a different solution like LastPass. Contact us for sale and support for setting up password scheme & manager. 

4. Keep all software updated. Any software not updated leaves you to attack, especially now that you work from home with access to your business files. Contact us for support in getting all your software serviced and updated remotely. 

5. Don't tap or click on links in sms messages of emails that don't appear genuine. Always google the organisation you got the sms from and find their genuine site. Then contact them over the phone to enquire about the email or sms you recieve. Avoids the risk of fake message with a viral link. Contact us for support if you do get infected - Shutdown the PC immediately if computer infected. 

6. Setup Secure VPN. If you have software or servers that you need to work from and you need to work from home the best way is to setup a secure VPN connection between them. Contact us for support in getting VPN purchased and configured. 

7. Use Good Wifi Router & Strong Wifi Password. Contact us for support in purchasing good Netwokr / Wifi equipment and setting it up. 

About our Blog Authors: 

Michael Plis

IT Intern


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