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Career resources

Resources including job postings, policies and procedures for staff, interns and contractors.


Currently there are no employment opportunities. But stay in touch in the future. Apply for a job.

For staff resources, polices and procedures please go to the Staff Portal below.



Currently there is a Marketing & Sales Intern opportunity available. Apply for internship.

Roles at Cyberkite

IT Intern - Filled

Marketing & Sales Intern - Unfilled

For intern resources, polices and procedures please go to the Staff Portal below.



We are always looking for new Contractor opportunities to realise our customer projects. Register as a contractor.


Contactor types needed


Data Cablers

Cybersecurity Contractors

Licenced Physical Security Installers

White Hat Hackers

Azure / Win Server Specialists

Google Cloud Specialists

Smart Office Specialists (Robotics, Automation & Smart Devices)

For contractor resources, polices and procedures please go to the Contractor Portal below.


All websites in Australia need a Staff Policies so we have partnered with a legal writing agency for them to offer you some great legal writing services.** 

If your business website requires up to date legal documents including Employee and Contractor policies and procedures to comply with workplace laws then LawPath is the way to go! They have a library of 300+ legal documents written by lawyers and services such as legal advice, lawyer marketplace and much more.


As a Cyberkite customer or website visitor get 20% off all LawPath plans and learn more via Get started button below.


** Affiliate Disclosure Statement

Some of the products listed on our website contain affiliate links such as LawPath. If you click through using one of our affiliate links and decide to purchase, we may receive an affiliate commission (at no additional cost to you) in return for marketing the product you purchased, as well as hosting and running this website.

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