Strengthen the walls of your Castle. Don't let the enemy cause a hassle.

If you spend more on coffee than on IT security, you will be hacked. What's more, you deserve to be hacked” ― Richard A. Clarke

Fact: So far all our ongoing customers delayed in a Cybersecurity Review and were hacked. We had to take immediate action to secure them and there was possible data loss. We encourage all our future and current customers to not put it off and get us to do the review.


Start by booking a free Cybersecurity Check which will kick start your companies own cybersecurity review. 



Report cybercrime & get alerts

Reporting Cyber Crime

Are you a victim of Cybercrime or Cyber Incident?

1. Report the cyber incident to ACSC doesnt matter how small HERE

2. Book a Cybersecurity Check with Cyberkite for a discussion on improving your organisations protections HERE.

Get Cyber Alerts

Provides easy to understand online security information and solutions to help protect internet users at home, at work and on mobile devices.

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Cybersecurity Review Lifecycle

As part of our IT Helpdesk services we undertake a quarterly, half yearly or yearly 4 stage review process of your defences, to greatly reduce the chances of a cyber attack. 


Stage 1: Check

  • 30 minute walkthrough your current protections. 

  • Includes a  CyberCheck report outlines basic observations on areas to address. 

  • Managing cyber risks starts here - Book a Check FREE now!. 

Stage 2: Assess

  • A thorough assessment & stress test of your current protections or as a 6/12 monthly review. 

  • Receive a CyberAssess report with results & recommendations. 

  • Tailored to the size of your business. 

Stage 3: Immunize

Using our unique Defense Layers we tailor a series of planned upgrades to increase your IT security defenses - like strenghtening a castle! 


Our upgrade packages are guided by the Australian Cyber Security Centre Essential 8 

Stage 4: Maintain

Sign up for ongoing CyberMaintain package to monitor and triage your cyberdefense via: 


Cyberkite Defense Layers

What is Cybersecurity?

We have built a holistic approach to Cybersecurity based on ACSC / ASD Essential Eight mitigation strategies. Tailored to your budget and requirements. 

Lets assist in setting up strong but easy to remember passwords across all your devices, websites and software - including multiple ways of verifying its you. What about complying with laws or standards? Are you device enforced to be encrypted and secured so when they are lost or stolen then data cannot be retrieved by a stranger?  

We establish good IT governance through following ways: 

  • Staff & device Compliance Solutions for Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 based customers

  • Device Management for Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 based customers

  • Asset management systems (NFC, RFID, QR and Barcode Labelling)

  • Password compliance setup including the setup of  the essential Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) across apps and devices and Password Manager (if required)


Defense 3: 


Are all your devices and software apps updated, and upgraded to the latest version? We can do all the work in updating and upgrading all your software and devices.

Here are some areas we update: 

  • Old to New Operating System Updates on all devices

  • Operating system & app updates across all devices. 

  • Replace less secure apps to more secure current brands.

  • Hardware Updates based on recommended aged device replacement policy (with ongoing maintenance):

    • 5 years for desktops & MFPs/Printers

    • 4 years for laptops / tablet PC's

    • 3 years for tablets, phones or wearables. 

  • Network device firmware and patches updates such as switches, routers, Wi-Fi Access Points, etc. 


Defense 4: 


Whether your computer dies, your office or retail space experiences a fire or theft, you can rest easy knowing that our designed and setup backup solution for your business will keep a copy of your data in a secure highly encrypted cloud backup service.

Following Backup types we cover: 


  • Cloud Storage Backup (OneDrive or Google Drive) to recover from a Ransomware attack damaging the files up there. 

  • Device Backup options to protect the device data

  • User Backup in Google Workspace or Microsot 365

  • Local backup to NAS or Local USB Portable hard Drive or Server or PC. 

  • Then the ability to Restore from nightly backups as needed.

  • If you have never had backups in place, then we offer Data Recovery services to recover damaged or erased data that wasn't backed up (In All such jobs we can only recover some data lost). But we recommend establishing a good backup plan instead.

Backup or suffer the consequences. 



Defense 5: 


We harden devices, applications and operating systems by turning on or off settings or uninstalling apps that can leave a door in for hackers or viral outbreaks. This includes network devices. 

We can deny all unauthorised apps and allow specific apps (whitelist) to use the internet and function on devices, especially desktops and laptops. 

Here is specific ways we harden settings: 

  • Adjust Device, Operating System and Apps settings to remove any security issues

  • Harden firewalls on all devices including network devices. 

  • Only Allow specific apps to access the internet on devices

  • Enforce increased scurity settings on operating systems through Device Governance (Management & Compliance)

  • Refer to manufacturer or developers improved instructions to strengethen the settintgs of your applications across the business. 


Our Cybersecurity Awareness Training sessions will help you and staff to know how to prevent and deal with such things as spam emails, viral websites and suspicious files. Knowing what to do is as important as having the protections. It will also test their knowledge in the wild. 


We can assist Document everything Cybersecurity related including preparation and update of disaster recovery plan, backup plan, user and internal cybersecurity documentation. 

Cybersecurity Insurance is also important last resort resource when there is a breach and we have a great Cybersecurity Insurance Broker who we work with to tailor coverage when all else fails and the "walls come crashing down". This includes coverage for the costs you would incur with us to recover your business and the PR and Legal costs associated. Book the free check to discuss your requriements today!