What is Cybersecurity?


For Professional Services organisation like Legal, Financial (Including Accountants), Education, Health and also Non Profit


Hackers and viruses don't care how big or small your organisation is, they want your client data and don't care if they wreak havoc inside the "castle" and destroy your reputation.  It's like the analogy of viruses that constantly surround your body (your organisation). If we take preventative measures it is less likely for the viral infection to enter and wreak havoc. 


Protect client data with Cyberkite's holistic approach to IT security with our easy 4 stage continuous cycle to an ongoing secure future, fully "immunized". 

Stage 1 - Assess with CyberPulsecheck

We first need to chat with and get a walkthrough of your current IT protections with our 30 minute Remote Pulsecheck session. The analogy is like one of the basic checks that a doctor will do - but in this case its your organisations current IT protections.


You will recieceve a Pulsecheck Results document on what we will cover and what you need to provide prior to Healthcheck.  

Stage 2 - Assess & Test with CyberHealthcheck

Then we book in a paid CyberHealthcheck session tailored to you to do a thorough assessment and testing of your defenses. If you are a larger organisation the session(s) will cover more assets and cover more locations to get a better assessment of your IT security "health".


You will recieve a CyberHeathcheck Results document which will outline the results of the assessment & testing then recommend evidence based CyberUpgrade  to boost your IT protections.  

Normally this stage is done after the PulseCheck is done, so Michael will book any sessions for this stage when the time comes and based on your organisations requirements.

Stage 3 - Immunize with CyberUpgrade

After the assessment sessions are completed Michael at Cyberkite will put together a CyberUpgrade tailored to your organisation and designed to cover the gaps in your IT protection. It's just like the analogy of getting a flu shot, with vitamin shots, but for your IT defenses. 


Our upgrade packages are guided by the Australian Cyber Security Centre Essential 8 guidelines but we have summarised them into 6 Defence groups with additional aspects. 


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Stage 4 - Continue protecting with CyberMaintain+

Constant vigilance is the best protection. CyberUpgrade may include an ongoing IT Security maintenance and administration package of your organisation. If you don't need that, then you can contact us at any time to revisit that. Alternatively to maintain your IT protections casually book us for a CyberMaintain+ session at any time, either onsite or remotely via Zoom.

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