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Get IT tasks done as low as $22

By local Aussie IT Professionals

Are you an Executive, IT Manager or Procurement Officer and are struggling to get the right IT vendors? Why not remove the pain and let Cyberkite help find the right IT products and services for your organisation. 

  • Management can focus on managing. 

  • Staff can focus on working.

  • And your Clients will notice the difference! 

Why we are the right choice for IT Procurement? 

  • Yes - We areticulate your needs by listening & understanding your requirements
  • Yes - We offer proactive and supprtive customer service along your journey
  • Yes - We solve your problems within budget & on time
  • Yes - We can outsource the helpdesk or find another service desk provider of choice. 
  • Yes - We specialise in putting together customised bunles. Or in other words the lot. 

  • Yes - We sell Aussie stock, not funky importaed stuff with funky warranty. 

  • Yes - We focus on quality software and hardware. 

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Authorised Reseller of Leading Brands

Microsoft_Surface_ (4).png

And many many more.


Why is our helpdesk different? 

We are your honest IT guys, where you only pay for what you need.


  • NO retainers

  • NO upfront commitments

  • NO inflated rates

  • NO paying for hours not worked

  • NO fake maintenance agreements

  • NO no rip offs..  

Just straight, honest service and a down to earth price point that fits your small business. 

  1. Get IT tasks done as low as $22 for 15 min increments on a casual basis with a 1 year service agreement or no commitments affordable walk-in rate of as low as $57 incl. GST per 30 min increment. 

  2. Supportive & caring local Aussie IT professionals that will resolve your issue as quickly as possible. 

  3. Online booking centre for all clients with only 1 hour notice and no logins required with appointments between 9am-6pm. 

  4. Online Ticketing Portal at no charge for service agreement customers for tracking issues, requests, quotes, projects, training, as well as managing billing and warranties.

  5. We are always focused on prevention and automation rather than just repairing faulty software or hardware. That sets us apart from the rest. 

  6. A "one stop shop" IT Helpdesk with full hardware and software sales & support and our Cyberstore. Authorised resellers of G Suite, Microsoft 365, Surface products, Dell, and more.

  7. Our team has over 40+ years of combined experience in delivering IT & Cybersecurity to save you time in resolving issues.

  8. We are conscious of our environmental footprint with our E-waste policy

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As Rebekah from SEEK wrote that the idea behind increased flexibility in the workplace is to create better work-life balance that helps your small business and your employees perform at their best.

A 2015 study by the Diversity Council of Australia found flexibility is a key driver of employment satisfaction. 1 in 5 employees had considered leaving their current employer due to a lack of flexibility.

  • Rethink office space

  • Support new ways of working

  • Find hidden efficiencies & cost savings
  • Offer choice to your employees

We can help transform your business with technology to allow all your staff to "work anywhere" through solutions that foster flexibility, good communication and instant access to company resources. ​Use technology & Cyberkite as allies to flexibility.

  • Communicate with your team productively

  • Connect to the internet anywhere fast​​

  • Send paper to cyberspace

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Why is Cybersecurity important for small business? 


Did you know that having only paid or free antivirus is no longer enough? It's because these days there is many ways for hackers to get in to steal or damage your data and IT. Your business IT is just like a castle, there is many ways to breach it. 


Please read the Cyber Security Report by ASD (September 2020) which outlines the IT security health of Australia. According to this report, most Australians have an excellent understanding of cyber risks. But the same report shows that only about 50% of businesses do something substantial about reducing them!


Some might say: "Everything is fine, we've done some googling, addressed the threats ourselves, so we're safe". According to a report conducted by Compare The Market (Jan 2020) approximately 1 in 2 employees put their company at risk. Is googling how to protect your business and your staff enough? 


According to the same report, the cost of cybercrime is extremely high, with 40 per cent of cybercrime costing businesses from $1000 up to $5000 (or much more). Cost of cybersecurity is much lower, so why not address the cyber dangers in your regular risk management review?

1. We know that cybersecurity will underpin your business's prosperity, reduce liability, allow it to grow, innovate, and find new ways of creating trust & value for your customers.​

​2. We understand that owners and operators of small businesses don’t have much time to spend on understanding the complexities of the internet or establishing complicated responses to potential risks. 

3. We have over a decade of experience in protecting small businesses without breaking the bank. Let Cyberkite cyber protect your business and greatly reduce those risks with a combination of regular assessment, training, apps, settings, hardware, support and much more. 

  • Protect your reputation

  • Protect you money

  • Protect your client data

  • Protect your time

  • Protect your future.

Start with a free IT security check to stave off DISASTER.


Strengthen the walls of your Castle.

Don't let the enemy cause a hassle.

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Since 2018, Cyberkite has provided excellent service and customer satisfaction to meet the needs of our clients. ​

10 reasons why

  1. 100% Australian Owned and Operated Company.

  2. Our team has collectively over 40+ years of experience in delivering great IT and Cybersecurity solutions & support to SMB clients.

  3. Our core values are Helpful, Hard-working, Humble and Honest. 

  4. Our Cyberstore focuses on Aussies stock & warranty, innovative bundles and we welcome custom requests. 

  5. We don't sell cheap and nasty products

  6. No Surcharge for using your Credit Card. See Payment Options

  7. Excellent Support Pre and Post IT & Sales Support

  8. Our approach is focused on quality, simplicity, and automation not triage.

  9. We build client relationships based on Privacy, Trust & Cybersecurity

  10. Responsible disposal of E-waste

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