IT for Law Firm

IT products to help law firms focus on winning legal cases not IT. 58% of law firms in US stored data on the cloud in 2020.

The challenges of a modern Law Firm


As a small law firm you no doubt would agree that times have changed and the good old fashioned paper based approach is no longer tenable. Here are some common problems that we have come across that maybe you can relate: 

1. Outdated telephone system with handsets plugged in by cable - you often need to go back to the office to check messages and the phones keep failing. Slowing your firm down in performance. No way to do effective conduct video conferencing across teams and and staff securely. 

2. Aged computers that store precious and sensitive legal documents on the local hard drive - if the hard drive failes the data will be lost. No or few devices that allow the whole team to meet a different locations. 

3. No secure firm storage for the case and company data not uploaded to legal databases like Smokeball or Leap making it hard to find things to ensure back of office runs smoothly so your Barristers and Lawyers can focus on winning cases and not searching for stuff. 

4. Very little IT security setup: No passwords on some devices, short passwords, no stong antivirus, old email servers to filtering of spam emails, regular virus infections becuase staff recieve no awareness training. Threat of litigation due to negligence looming always. 

Unified Communications for Law

Our Microsoft Teams or RingCentral solutions tailored to the needs of Australian law firms will help take your team out of the office and into the field to be with clients.


  • Video Conferencing for all staff & with your clients on cases

  • Cloud Telephone number with headset & handsets where required for all staff.

  • Rich Chat features to collaborate via text between staff, Teams & even clients on cases.

  • Access to this system across all devices at any time. 

  • Full Call recording to go back on a call related to a case. 

Computers for Law

As most Law forms have to have some apps on Windows and they require a greater degree of formatting in Word documents we feel a Windows solution with our range of Surface or Apple  computers (depending on their preference) is an excellent computing solution for legal professionals. 

Our Range of Surface or Dell Products on Cyberstore will excellently fulfil all your computing needs with warranty and quality support. Learn more

Our Apple computers offer greater security than Surface if you are familiar with Apple  devices. they are an excellent high quality device that will perform over long time. Learn more.

Cybersecurity for Law

It is vbery important to protect your client data - especially as a law firm becasue you storte sensitive data that could affect cases and you are required to store it for a number of years. Therefore it's important to ensure strong security. Cyberkite can help increase your defenses. 

This includes putting together the right selection of products and applications to: 

1. Secure your devices

2. Secure your staff

3. Secure you client data

While at the same time not overly restricting your staff performance. 

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