About us

Cyberkite's mission is make it easy for organisations to buy quality smart IT & Cybersecurity products in Australia.

Cyberkite was founded in 2018 by Michael Plis to change the way the IT industry provides products and services to clients. Today Cyberkite sells quality software and hardware which has repeatedly reduced lost time and costs for their clients. 

Their vision is for every workplace to have quality smart IT & Cybersecurity products.


They are an online store specialize in providing business only products in Communication, Connectivity, Cybersecurity, Productivity, Paperless Office and Smart Office.

Why choose this business store?

  • They are the IT & Cybersecurity package king's - simple well-matched 'per user' or 'per device' packages

  • They are a trusted IT deal brokerage partner saving you both time and money on large orders.

  • They are vendor-neutral with products available from several competing brands. 

  • They focus on quality products to minimise any future IT issues. 

  • They are owned and operated by IT Professionals with 40+ years of experience.

  • You're supporting a 100% Aussie owned business.

  • Gives you access to exclusive products and prices not available to the general public.

  • They are proactive and care about your purchase journey.

  • They only sell Australian stock & genuine Australian manufacturer warranties to give you maximum benefits.


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​Our founder Michael, as featured in the media:


The way we do things

We not only sell smart IT & Cybersecurity products but we daily try to live by a set of smart principles in our culture, values & solution philosophy. 

Our Staff Culture

1. Move fast - respond quickly to changing requirements

2. Do the impossible - think outside the box when needed

3. Constantly innovate - innovation governs Cyberkite

4. Reason from "First Principles" - identify root factors

5. Think like Owners - be responsible for your own work

6. We are ALL IN - empower everyone, not micro manage them

Our Core Values

  • Helpful - We always try to help solve our clients problems. 

  • Hardworking - We always work hard. 

  • Humble - We are always thinking outside the square with lessons from clients, suppliers and experts.

  • Honest - We build trust with staff and clients by always being honest and transparent.

Our Solutions Philosophy

  1. First: Undumbify / Smartize the solution

  2. Then: Eliminate unnecessary bits from it

  3. Followed by: Simplify & Optimize what's left

  4. Then: Accelerate the completion

  5. Finally: Automate the solution where possible

Image by Girl with red hat

Meaning behind our brand


When you were a child, have you ever tried to fly a kite? Maybe a family member or friend assisted you and showed you how to fly it. In the same way, we are here to help businesses successfully "glide" their business online, with minimal effort, and help them be visible to their customers "up high" (on the internet). The "digital kite" is like your business, that moves ever forward to success. Cyberkite aims to be a trusted IT & Cybersecurity partner in your organisations growth journey.

Our Name: Cyberkite 

  • Cyber - relates to Cyber Age - the culture of computers, IT and virtual reality that we live in. Cyber means everything IT and Cybersecurity related. Cyberspace means the virtual world including the internet that lives in 1's and 0's (and in the coming future in quantum bits) 

  • kite - represents many meanings in various cultures & circles (Afghan, China, Japan, Science Progress). Kite represents your organisation.

Our Logo: The Flying Cyberspace Kite 

  • Our 4 colours represent the various IT functions that each business has. 

  • Our string represents your business growth like in a financial report - because through efficient IT and Cybersecurity you can focus not on breakdowns but on growing your business.  

Trust Center


To earn someone's trust is not easy. We hope that you will give us a fair go and give us a chance to gain your trust. But to help build your trust in us from the start here is a list of trust aspects we have covered.

Licences & Checks

Among others our staff or contractors have the necessary licences and checks. 


We are regulated & bound by

  • Australian Privacy Laws

  • Spam Laws

  • Consumer Laws

  • and many other Australian laws.


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