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Note from the Founder

"Hi, my name is Michael Plis and in 2018 I was floating on the silent Dead Sea, Middle East. There I realised that in order for a business to compete in today’s fast paced world, it needs to attract customers online effectively and have reliable, simplified IT.  So with over 10 years of experience in the IT industry, mixed with innovative and creative flair, I can deliver amazing results for your business. In other words, me and my team can help your business glide online!"

Our Team


Michael Plis

Founder & Director


Blends creativity with technology. Sci-fi addict. Avid free diver and spearfisherman. 

Team is being put together as you read it. Loading.....

What does Cyberkite name mean? 

When you were a child, have you ever tried to fly a kite? Maybe a family member or friend assisted you and showed you how to fly it. In the same way, we are here to help businesses successfully "glide" their business online, with minimal effort, and help them be visible to their customers "up high" (on the internet). The "digital kite" is like your business, that moves ever forward to success. 

  • "Cyber" relates to Cyber Age - the culture of computers, IT and virtual reality that we live in.  

  • "Kite" - represents many meanings in various cultures (Afghan, China, Japan, Science Progress)

  • The 4 colours represent the multiple types of services we offer

  • The string represents your business growth. 

So, Cyberkite is a multi-purpose tech boutique in the areas of IT, Cybersecurity & Digital Marketing with a focus on quality, simplicity, and automation. We help organisations get connected to cyberspace, attract clients in cyberspace and train their staff to use cyberspace. This we think is crucial to growth.

Problems we can help you solve

  • Big promises and high costs from some providers with poor results & disasters

  • Big promises and high costs from marketing agencies. 

  • Unreliable wifi

  • You need a website but unsure how & don't have big bucks. 

  • Slow internet

  • Printed paperwork piling up

  • Not sure which work devices to get 

  • Spending money on devices that don't get used

  • Your staff are struggling to use their work devices. 

  • You experience an IT disaster, one after another. 

  • The list goes on.

We help you solve business problems and give you back time and saved funds towards growing your business. 

Our products & services

Whether you are a business in retail, office, health, hospitality, remote work, home office, or any other industry.... we have something for you. Learn more about our services:

  • Cyber Store consists of handpicked tech & marketing products that aim to solve problems in business and of course we offer setup and maintenance services as well. 

  • Digital Marketing - Customised Setup Packs, Enhancements, Management Plans, and more. 

  • Consulting - Coaching on Digital Marketing, Website Design. IT Consulting & Training, and more. 

  • IT Solutions - complete brand centric solutions tailored to suit your business including the setup and maintenance or admin.

  • Cybersecurity Packages - tailored to your business to bring your IT defences to what businesses now need to stay protected. 

Read  through our Case Studies to discover how we can help your business and which industries we cover. 

Our Service Areas are Greater Melbourne (Australia) for onsite services and worldwide for all other services. We are open to larger onsite projects worldwide. 

Our Mission 

To help every business efficiently glide in a fast paced world by making them visible online, providing reliable but simple IT solutions to business problems and then train them to use those solutions to grow. 

Our Vision

For every business in the world to be visible online; to able to have the right technology; to know how to use that technology.  

Our Culture

Think. Innovate. Collaborate. Design. Create. Document. Prevent. 


Payment Options

Our payment system is backed by Square & PayPal. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal



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Trust us

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WWCC Check - On Request

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