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"Hi I'm Michael Plis and I'm the Founder of Cyberkite. We love providing useful technology solutions to our clients. I hope the points in Why choose us & testimonials give you an idea of the quality of customer service coming from us. Next step is up to you. Happy gliding!" 


Why choose us?


  • Cyberkite was founded in 2018 by Michael Plis

  • We are proudly 100% Australian Owned and Operated. 

  • Our Cyberstore has carefully selected products that work well with each other for business use and handpicked by our staff. 

  • Our team has collectively over 40+ years of experience in delivering great IT and Cybersecurity solutions to SMB clients.

  • Our core values are Helpful, Hard-working, Humble and Honest. 

  • We build client relationships based on Privacy, Trust & Cybersecurity

  • We are a tech boutique in the areas of "Work Anywhere" (Unified Communications, Paperless Office Transition, & High Speed Internet & Networking), Cybersecurity (IT Security), we run an IT Helpdesk & innovate with Intelligent Devices.

  • Our approach is focused on quality, simplicity, and automation.

  • We provide solutions that help your organisation glide to future growth e reducing costs and time. 

  • We specialise looking after small business clients with 1-50 staff in the Professional Services, Nonprofit and  Car / Boat / Motorcycle Dealerships. 

  • No Surcharge on Credit Cards. See our Payment Options

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"Most impressed. Keep up the good work. Thanking you also, for the support. I'm very impressed... 👌" 

Just Seduction Cars (NSW)


Whats unique about us?

  • We treat your organisation as if it was our own.

  • We provide creative quality solutions within your budget. 

Our Mission 

To help every organisation glide efficiently in a fast paced world by providing reliable but simple IT solutions, securing their assets, training their staff. Once they are gliding efficiently, we help organisations attract more customers through online listings, social media and online advertising. 

Our Vision

For every organisation in the world to effectively attract new customers online; to be able to have simple but reliable IT technology; for their staff to know how to use that technology; for their organisation to be protected from whatever may come to disrupt their operations. 

Our Culture

Think. Innovate. Collaborate. Design. Create. Document. Prevent. Automate

Our Core Values

  • Helpful - We always try to help solve our clients problems. 

  • Hardworking - We always work hard. 

  • Humble - We are always thinking outside the square with lessons from clients, suppliers amd experts/ 

  • Honest - We build trust by being always honest and transparent. No deception. 


Meaning behind our brand


When you were a child, have you ever tried to fly a kite? Maybe a family member or friend assisted you and showed you how to fly it. In the same way, we are here to help businesses successfully "glide" their business online, with minimal effort, and help them be visible to their customers "up high" (on the internet). The "digital kite" is like your business, that moves ever forward to success. 

Our Name: Cyberkite 

  • Cyber - relates to Cyber Age - the culture of computers, IT and virtual reality that we live in. Cyber means everything IT and Cybersecurity related.  

  • kite - represents many meanings in various cultures (Afghan, China, Japan, Science Progress). Kite represents your organisation.

Our Logo: The Flying Kite 

  • Our 4 colours represent the 4 areas of our services: Work Anywhere, Cybersecurity, IT Helpdesk/Consulting & Smart Office

  • Our string represents your business growth like in a financial report - because through efficient IT and Cybersecurity you can focus not on breakdowns but on growing your business.  

So in other words, Cyberkite helps organisations get connected to cyberspace through Securing their IT, transforming your organisation to a Work Anywhere approach, adding intelligent devices that help increase productivity and IT Helpdesk that is simple and smart. This we think this is crucial for your organisation to glide into future growth, like a kite as the storms of change keep coming. 

Problems we solve

We help you solve business problems and give you back time and saved funds towards growing your business. 


  • Big promises and high costs from some providers with poor results & high costs due to constant repairs. Our General IT Services focusing on quality setup, preventative maintenance and training - thus greatly reducing or eliminating large support costs. Invest in quality IT setup and monthly preventative maintenance. 

  • Slow internet and network that constantly makes you want to throw the computers out the window? We solve that. 

  • Printed paperwork piling up & your staff have to drive back to office to view a file. We solve it with a complete Paperless Office transition services. 

  • Not sure which work devices to get and you end up impulse buying from a local shop. The equipment breaks down quick or its unsuitable for some applications. We solve it by carefully planning and understanding your business needs and budget and we select the right products that are focused on brands that work well together and for you. 

  • Spending money on devices that don't get used

  • Your staff are struggling to use their work devices. 

  • You experience an IT disaster, one after another. 

  • The list goes on.


Trust Center


To earn someone's trust is not easy. We hope that you will give us a fair go. But to help build your trust in us from the start here is a list of areas related to trust. 

Licences & Checks

Among others our staff or contractors have the necessary licences and checks. 


We are regulated & bound by

  • Australian Privacy Law

  • Spam Law

  • Consumer Law

  • and many other Australian laws laws.


Review our policies


Our own Cybersecurity


It's important that we lead by example when it comes to Cybersecurity. So we have outlined our Cybersecurity practices based on industry recommendations. Learn more how Cyberkite can protect your business. 


Our website & payment systems

  • Website secured with SSL certificate & MFA

  • Website Data stored securely & backed up. 

  • Our Cyberstore Payment Systems have sophisticated detections to prevent financial fraud.

  • Website checked for malware by McAfee Secure
  • Protected by Google reCaptcha allowing only real humans to view the site

Our data storage, apps & devices

  • Our data is securely stored

  • Out data is securely backed up daily

  • All our apps & devices are secured, encrypted and protected with strong authentication including MFA

Our email system

  • Strong Anti-Spam Protection

  • Our staff are Cybersecurity Awareness trained.


Our Memberships


Source: CompTIA


Source: Information Technology Professionals Association


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