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Cyberkite is an IT & Cybersecurity services provider based in Glen Waverley, Victoria, Australia. We specialize in providing casual expert IT & Cybersecurity consulting and support services to small businesses in Australia.


Our mission is to help small businesses access the right IT & Cybersecurity solutions to ensure they can connect to the internet and stay safe online. We are committed to providing the best services, along with honest advice and quality support, to help our clients achieve their goals.

Our vision is for every small business to have the best smart IT & Cybersecurity solutions that enhance their performance, safety, and wellbeing. We understand that low-quality, inefficient, incorrect or unsafe computer products are being sold to Australian businesses, resulting in large IT outages and support costs. Cyberkite solves this problem by providing sound advice and quality support to ensure our clients can work efficiently and securely.

Since our founding in 2018 by Michael Plis, our focus has been on providing quality IT & Cybersecurity products and services. In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic presented new challenges, but we remained committed to supporting our clients. In 2021, we expanded our products and services to better serve our clients' needs.

Going forward, we will continue to focus on providing expert IT & Cybersecurity services to small businesses. Our goal is to be the go-to provider for workplace IT & Cybersecurity services for small businesses, and we are committed to achieving this by offering sound technology advice and services and delivering exceptional customer service.

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What's unique about Cyberkite? 

1. Our focus is exclusively on small businesses, so our services are tailored to meet their specific needs. We provide expert IT & Cybersecurity consulting and support services to help businesses stay safe and connected. We generally don't accept domestic customers. 

2. We offer comprehensive IT & Cybersecurity purchasing advice that is well-matched to cover all of your organization's IT functions. This saves you time spent shopping around and ensures that you have everything you need to run your business efficiently and securely.

3. We can act as a trusted IT & Cybersecurity deal brokerage partner, saving you time and money on large orders with vendors. 

4. We are vendor-neutral, which means we offer advice about IT products from several brands to help you get the right products for your small business.

5. We focus on providing quality services to minimize future IT issues. We also believe that choosing to buy the cheapest services and products now will cost you more in replacements down the road.

6. Our business is owned and operated by experienced IT professionals with over 40 years of experience helping small businesses select the right products and services.

7. We make the IT support experience easier by providing helpdesk email and portal for ongoing clients, as well as documentation to ensure you are always up-to-date. Book IT Support.

8. We offer competitive service rates on a casual basis for Australian businesses for IT & Cybersecurity services. See service rates.

9. We are 100% Australian-owned, which means you are supporting an Australian business when you choose to work with us.

10. We are proactive and care about your experience with us. We communicate with you every step of the way through your IT journey.

11. We offer a range of financing and payment options to suit your changing circumstances, including buy now with 4 repayments, loans, direct debit for recurring payments, manual, and card options. Learn more.

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"Cyberkite again to the rescue with a complex email issue and I appreciate the methodical and skilful way in which Michael approaches the issue at hand. Cannot recommend more highly and very reasonable fees !!!." 

Philip (Solicitor, NSW)

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The way we do things

We not only sell smart IT & Cybersecurity products but we daily try to live by a set of smart principles in our culture, values & solution philosophy. 

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About - Why unique

Meaning behind our brand


When you were a child, have you ever tried to fly a kite? Maybe a family member or friend assisted you and showed you how to fly it.


In the same way, we are here to help businesses and organisations successfully "glide" their day to day operations with the assistance the best technology so they can reliably connect to the internet and stay online.


Cyberkite aims to be a trusted IT & Cybersecurity partner in your organisations growth journey.

Trust center


To earn someone's trust is not easy. We hope that you will give us a fair go and give us a chance to gain your trust. But to help build your trust in us from the start here is a list of trust aspects we have covered.

Licences & Checks

Among others our staff or contractors have the necessary licences and checks. 


We are regulated & bound by

  • Australian Privacy Laws

  • Spam Laws

  • Consumer Laws

  • and many other Australian laws.


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