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Written by Michael Plis. Your go-to source for smart technology & cybersecurity insights for small business. 

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Will robot chef's take over household kitchens?

Updated: Apr 21

Wouldn’t it be awesome to own an invention that can cook for you whatever you desire? Say no more! Technology is limitless and can have a solution to most problems.

People may complain: "I never get enough time to cook a good meal!" or "I never have time to eat properly". People have dishwashers to wash their dishes, washing machines to wash clothes and the latest thing that got invented was a robot vacuum cleaner that even cleans the house. So, why not have the Robot Kitchen?

Why do we need it?

Well, The Robot Kitchen is an invention that not everyone will be able to afford at the moment. So, the target audience for this invention would be the high-class society and of course Restaurants. But we think as this becomes mainstream it will become more affordable for the everyday home.

In today’s society, Robotics is at its peak with a lot of unbelievable technologies releasing very frequently. So, how are these ground-breaking devices going to help us in the future?

A Robot Chef is a robotic arm that can cook food on a daily basis. This helps you to have that restaurant quality food with the freshest of ingredients. Imagine that? Having a 5-Star meal daily at the comfort of your home! That’s incredible in my eyes!

Types of applications

It’s simple. There are two common applications for Robot Kitchens, one for the householder and the other for specialised uses for restaurants with custom built solutions.

So for the everyday family, it means that the robot will be able to cook top quality food. As well as it can follow your traditional family meal for a scrumptious meal.

So for the smaller family owned restaurants, with a customised kitchen robot, it means that they can deliver top quality food and be highly efficient on time. This way the owner wouldn’t have to stress out a lot about the food because it will always be guaranteed to have the same taste as well as clean hygiene.

On the other hand, bigger restaurants will be able to manage larger crowds and still provide food in a short period. Also, it means that the restaurant saves a lot of money as they do not have to have multiple chefs in the kitchen. Just one or two may be sufficient.

Robot chefs do exist today! Here are some examples.


Company called Moley sells their own version of a fully robotic kitchen. The robot can be installed in the house or used in a restaurant. The Moley Robotic arm is the world’s first fully robotic kitchen. It offers quality recipes and you can also manage your calories and the type of diet. Other than cooking, it also informs you when an ingredient is finished.

Moley’s Robotic Kitchen
Image: Moley’s Robotic Kitchen. Source: Moley robotic kitchen website

Samsung Bot Chef

Designed for restaurants but may be able to be used in the home. This product is still in its development stages but the robot has already been tested. Samsung Bot Chef that can assist Michelin Starred Chefs to cook a 5-star meal. We can see that in the near future how this product would be applied into restaurants.

This new device falls into a new category titled “cobot”. So cobot is different from a robot, It is a collaborative bot. This means that it will assist a person in making meals not do it all by itself. It can do all the chopping, whisking, pouring and cleaning. So this application of robots is best suited for restaurants as they can easily manage their time doing less of these smaller tasks.

Samsung Bot Chef
The Image: Samsung Bot Chef. Source: Samsung News


Flippy by Miso Robotics is also a cobot in the form of a robotic arm for commercial kitchens (Restaurants). It can grill and fry, cook perfectly and consistently every time and can switch tools depending on the task.

Flippy by Miso Robotics
Image: Flippy by Miso Robotics. Source: Miso Robotics

Niska Ice Cream Shop in Melbourne, Australia

Located in the heart of Melbourne, Australia. Stands an Ice Cream shop that is highly distinguishable to all other ones. This Ice cream shop is run by robots. There is 1 robot and 2 cobots running the shop. The Robot named Pepper serves you. The cobot named Tony helps to make ice cream and gelatos. Finally, the other cobot named Eka is a robotic arm that scoops the ice cream. The google link for the shop is placed below and if you happen to be in the area its definitely a gem to look at.

What's ahead?

This future evolution can have a lot of benefits as it is a life hack. It can help in the home kitchen and cook good quality, tasty and low calorie food for your family. In the restaurants it can help the chefs to make the dishes quicker, to a better standard and even having the same exact taste for the recipe every time.

These kinds of robots are not harmful to society as most movies suggest. It is programmed to do only those specific tasks and does not have a mind of its own. I eagerly look for the time when Robots Chef’s will be in restaurant kitchens.

Please share thoughts and comments below on this subject and what other area of business or life you would like to see robots in.

Cyberkite is continually developing small business Robot solutions for the Professional Services industry. To learn more about out Intelligent Devices endeavours visit


IT Intern at Cyberkite

I have been working as an IT Intern for Cyberman and Cyberkite since the beginning of 2020 just before the crazy COVID-19 madness started. I am a student currently studying Computer Science and gaining more knowledge in the Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics fields. Stay tuned for more articles from me in those fields.


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