Hackers - Top 10 Countries where they come from & hacker types

Hacking is the process of gaining unauthorised access to data in a system or computer. Outlawing the practice has not stopped it, in fact its increased it. Before we find out the top countries where hackers come from let's examine types of hackers.

Types of Hackers

  • Black Hat - Typical hacker in the news & are the biggest risk to your business. Motivated by financial gain. Their goal is to get into your business, steal bank details, confidential data and money. The stolen resources are used for extortion, sale on the black market or as their own gain.

  • White Hat - They are the opposite of black hat hackers, wanting to help businesses & support them in the cyberfight. A company or individual who helps protect your business. Cyberkite is like a white hacker, they help defend your business data.

  • Grey Hat - They are driven by personal enjoyment. They know all the things white and black hat hackers know and they arent particulalry interested in attacking or defending you. They usually just have fun breaking defenses for the challenge. They rarely do anything harmful - means they hack and move on. They make up the majority of all hackers.

  • Blue Hat - They are bent on revenge and are aggressive. They don't exist unless you create them. So it does pay to have business ethics and play fair with customers and other parties. Becuase who knows, you don't play fair, you anger them very much and turn one of them into a blue hat hacker. Their thoughts are: "Grrrr, I'm goinna make them pay!". They usually use off the shelf code to attack adjust it for their use. They then use this code for revenge against a business or individual.

  • Red Hat - The crusader of cyberspace. They are the superhero vigilantes, judge, jury and executioner. Their goal is to eliminate a black hat hacker in cyberspace. They use the Black hat arsenal of cyberweapons against them. But you don't know they exist as they are like the famous superheroes form Comics. Benefit to your business is they work to protect you like whiote hat hackers.

  • Green Hat - Beginner hackers starting out. They are learning to be fully fledged hackers. They test out code for learning. They usually don't attack a business and learn from expereinced hackers on online communities to learn from them. That is why they are called green as trhey arent a threat to your business.

  • Script Kiddie - They are neither of the other types. Sounds like an innocent hacker but their purpose is to cause chaos and disrupt as much as possible. They are not interested in stealing. They are focused on scripting and code but don;t develop their own software. A common attack from them is DoS (Denial of Service) or DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service). So they use any type of attack that can cause your business chaos, damage your reputation or cause you to lose customers.

Top 10 Countries where Hackers come from

  1. China - Approximately 41.4%

  2. U.S.A. - 10%

  3. Turkey - 4.8%

  4. Russia - 4.4%

  5. Taiwan - 3.8%

  6. Brazil - 3.4%

  7. Romania - 3.4%

  8. India - 2.3%

  9. Italy - 1.6%

  10. Hungary - 1.4%

(Percentage of hacking traffic in the world)


Has one of the most sophisticated hacker networks or groups in the world. Some of these groups are maintained by The Peoples Liberation Army of China. Whats also contributed to such a large army of hackers is the endorsement of cybersecurity awareness especially among the youth. The other reason is that China has around a billion people. Chinese Information Operations and Information Warfare includes the concept of “network warfare”, which is roughly analogous to the United States concept of cyber-warfare. Foreign Policy magazine provided an estimated range for China's "hacker army" personnel, anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 individuals in addition to other groups and individuals.


As the 2nd largest warehouse of hackers with such major hacker groups as Anonymous it takes a huge effect on the world with cyberattacks. One of the most famous US hackers were Kevin Mitnick who used to the a black hat hacker but is now a White or Red Hat hacker. In 1995 Kevin was arrest and sentenced to five years in prison for various computer and communications-related crimes.


The 3rd largest stash of hackers, it packs a sizeable punch of cyberattacks in the world. It also have a large network of hackers acting in the interests of the Turkish government and they often are targeted towards organisations in Europe and the Middle East.


The 4th largest collection of hackers but for some reason Russias cyberattack traffic has been falling but it's keeps being a danger spot. Apart for independent groups and individuals the Russian government has been involved (although not claiming responsibility) in major cyberattacks against western nations. For example, UK's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) said that most likely state sponsored hackers from Russia targetted organisations trying to develop a coronavirus vacxcine in UK, US and Canada.


The 5th largest place of residence for hackers. Being a relative country of China but it contains a large colection of hackers.


It's the 6th largest accumulation of hackers and it's South America's largest country. Brazil's ransomware attacks account for 10.64% of the global ransomware attacks. Regulatory and enforcement measures have been insufficient to prevent these attacks.


The 7th highiest hacker traffic country in the world. In recent years an isolated town of Ramnicu Valcea has become a hacker central in Romania due to international cybergangs it is home to and it was called Hackerville. One famous Romanian hacker was Guccifer.


As the 8th most populous army of hackers and tourists have been known to be the victims of cyberattacks. The top 5 hackers in India are Vivek Ramachandran, Ankit Fadia, Sunny Vaghela, Trishneet Arora, Sai Satish. There ios also a ripe community of "hackers-for-hire" firms in India.


As the 9th most number of hackers in the world As the nation digitized it increased the number of hackers in Italy. For exmaple a 25 year old Italian man pleaded guilty in 2013 for defacing NASA websites and 60 other Italian websites.


As the 10th largest number of hackers although its a small country in size and population it has a large hacking network. South Korea nearly beat Hungary for this position.

And out of interest....

Top 11 most powerful cyberdefence nations in the world:

  1. U.S.A

  2. China

  3. United Kingdom

  4. Russia

  5. Netherlands

  6. France

  7. Germany

  8. Canada

  9. Japan

  10. Australia

  11. Israel

How was this determined? Math.

Formula: National Cyber Power Index (NCPI) = The Belfer National Cyber Power Index (NCPI) measures 30 countries’ cyber capabilities in the context of seven national objectives, using 32 intent indicators and 27 capability indicators with evidence collected from publicly available data. Check out the NCPI 2020 report from the Harvard Kennedy School - Belfer Center.

And but wait.....there is more

Top 10 hackers of all time

  1. Kevin Mitnick

  2. Anonymous Group

  3. Adrian Lamo

  4. Albert Gonzalez

  5. Matthew Bevan and Richard Pryce

  6. Jeanson James Ancheta

  7. Michael Calce

  8. Kevin Poulsen

  9. Jonathan James

  10. ASTRA

And a little more....

History of Cybersecurity & Hacking

The first internet hacker: The first hacker to gain media attention was Robert Tappan Morris back in 1989. He released the first Denial of Service (DoS) attack caused by a worm Morris had developed at Cornell University the year before. He was basically working on a digital version of a nuclear weapon. Robert said he didnt plan to cause harm but wanted to highlight the security flaws but sadly becuase of a fault in the code the worm replicated too much and caused extensive damage which went on for days, OOOPSS..

When you surf the net use caution and seek the support and advice of a professional Cybersecurity provider to help secure your business like Cyberkite. 😎


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