Types of Cyberthreats

In this article I will keep documenting types of threats out there and how you can protect yourself. What is a cyberthreat? It's the possibility of a malicious attempt to damage or disrupt a computer network or system or devices or software.


  • Software that is specifically designed to disrupt, damage, or gain unauthorized access to a computer system.

  • Types of malware is a worm, virus, trojan.

DoS or DDoS

  • A DoS attack is a denial of service attack where a computer is used to flood a server with TCP and UDP data packets.

  • A DDoS attack is where multiple computers target a single computer with a DoS attack. The targeted network is then bombarded with packets from multiple locations.

There is a lot more folks. Stay tuned as we add them all in here.


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Cyberman is an Australian entrepreneur and IT professional since 2005 and has worked in the Automotive and Non-Profit IT Solutions industries. He studied in a technical college in the areas of Network Security and Network Engineering.


He is an avid reader and researcher of everything Cybersecurity & IT related. He loves Sci-fi, tinkering with Technology, Free Diving and making Art. He has no plans to take over the world. 

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