Paperless Office Transition

Send your paper documents into cyberspace so you can access it anywhere & anytime

For Professional Services organisations such as Legal, Medical, Financial, Education & also Non-Profits in Australia *

A paperless office is a work environment in which the use of paper is eliminated or greatly reduced. This is done by converting documents and other papers into digital form, a process known as digitization as well as adding the hardware necessary to make that an easy process. 

Paperless Transition stages: 

You may just want to deploy these in this order to ensure an effective transition. 

Stage 1 Upgrade Hardware: Deploy or Upgrade your Multi-Function Printers / Scanners or Table Top Scanners with our partners MAXISoft. 

Stage 2 Scan, Upload, Order & Backup:  We scan or digitize all the documents that aren't scanned and work with each team to create an effective digital filing process on your cloud storage solution such as OneDrive/Sharepoint or Google Drive/Team Drive. Establish cybersecurity like external cloud backup service to backup the cloud storage for the team & individual accounts. 

Stage 3 E-Sign: We establish an Electronic Signing (E-Sign) system so you dont have to waste time printing, signing, scanning and then refiling. Most legal documents can be digitally signed expect things like statutory declarations.

Stage 4: Optional - Filing Databse Upload: Transition the filing system into a more secure filing system thats easier to search or specific database platforms for legal, medical, accountant and non profit systems for added security.

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