IT Consulting Sessions

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* Onsite Bookable Sessions are only available in Melbourne & Suburbs, Australia. Remote Bookable Sessions are available worldwide. We service english speaking clients in most countries at this stage, except any that are under trade sanctions. Refer to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policies

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Planning Session

We can meet Remotely or Onsite free of charge to discuss your IT requirements now and we can help you plan out your IT needs to help grow your business. 

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You can book Remote (Video) or Onsite (Melb, AU Only) sessions to bring in a Technology Think-Tank: Michael Plis - with over a decade of innovation he can help your business greatly benefit and think of new ways to solve business problems and get ahead of competition as a business or as a manufacturer. He will help you think outside the square to help you come up with an awesome IT or Tech Product solution. 

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IT Consulting Sessions

Any kind of IT Consulting and IT related discussions that you need us to attend on including Committees, Expos, Shows, Special Customer Campaigns, Brainstorming Tech Ideas, Outside Perspective & Fresh Approach, etc. 

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IT Training Sessions

You can book Remote (Video) or Onsite (Melb, AU Only) sessions to learn anything IT related, such as our IT Setups, How to do something, etc. 

2 types of sessions:

  • Small - Up to 9 people,

  • Larger groups 10+

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Occasional IT Setup+ Sessions

For the occasional IT Setup sessions: 

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For IT Setup+ Solutions including Upgrades, Payment Solutions, Printing, eFiling, eSigning, Cloud Phones, Video Conferencing, Smart Devices, and Robots: 



  • Healthchecks (Check & Report)

  • Setup or Train Sessions 

Teach your staff and yourself on how to protect your business data effectively, avoid problems. We can also set the session to plan your long term cyber safety. 

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Occasional IT

Maintenance+ Sessions

For the occasional IT Maintenance or Admin session: 

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For IT Maintenance & Admin contracts and IT Safety Maintenance services such as Appliance Test & Tag, Ergonomic Review & Cable Management: 

The 2020 Bizness IT Times

Only 14% of organisations that have Windows 7, have upgraded, although support & security updates end on 14th January 2020. Upgrade to keep your business safe!


Many organisations also still use Office 2010, although support and security updates end on 13th October 2020!

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