Work Anywhere...

Fly like an eagle. Let your Team roam the world like an eagle, by transforming your organisation in 3 key areas so staff are not tied to a single location. 

Definition: Work Anywhere is an approach to improving workplace productivity so staff can do their jobs anywhere with the right technology.


A productive and performing business has a good foundation in establishing good communication through very effective tools like video meetings, group chat and phone. This helps your business glide in the right direction with the following benefits: 


  • Better productivity: Your teams will be able to connect how they prefer, through whichever device that works well but it will bring them all together in one place online. 

  • Reduced costs: Because UC systems operate on the cloud, they allow companies to shift away from a Capex model, to an OpEx strategy with fewer initial expenses

  • Stronger performance: Because employees can both communicate, and collaborate in an instant, they can solve customer problems faster, and improve your business reputation

  • Enhanced user experience: A good UC strategy can delight your employees and even reduce turnover in your organisation, by giving people more freedom to work as they choose

We specialise in the following 4 major Unified Communciation platforms & compatible hardware: 

Microsoft Teams

Google Meet




The most important foundation in digitally transforming your business is good IT connectivity. We think there are four pillars of awesome connnectivity: 


  1. Good Office Internet: Whether your teams work from home or in the office they need good and reliable internet. With our partnership with TPG in Australia we can provide an excelent corporate package for your business to reduce those slow loading pages, freezing video calls and problems synching documents to the cloud. 

  2. Good Office Network: You can have fast internet but if your office has problems with the network wiring and equipment then there will still be bottlenecks, freezing pages and video calls. We  transform slow, unsafe and unreliable office networks so they need little repair or maintenance. 

  3. Good Wi-Fi: Many businesses report unreliable Wi-Fi connectivity such as poor signal coverage in parts of their office, loss of data, disconnection and data loss. We can change that with our amazing range of Wi-fi products and installation services. We also equip all desktops with a Wi-Fi card so that staff can have a backup conenction in case of an outage. 

  4. Good Staff Mobile Connectivity: To complete the picture, when staff are out and about they need good phones, mobile data and reliable network to be able to conenct anywhere. As a TPG dealer we can come up with competitive mobile handset and plan solutions to gve your staff that final and important part of connectivity when out of the office. 

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A big hindarance to the digital transformation is paper. Paper forms, paper to scan, paper to archive and so on. Cyberkite has developed a simple, staged, gradual transformation process for your business to truly move away from paper in the office. Send paper to cyberspace!


  1. Stage 1 - Upgrade Hardware: Deploy or Upgrade the right mix of Multi-Function Printers / Scanners / E-Ink Devices with our for small to medium businesses or larger MFP's through our document solutions partners MAXISoft. 

  2. Stage 2 - Scan, Upload, Order & Backup:  We assist you or you scan or digitize all the documents that aren't scanned and work with each team to create an effective digital filing process on your cloud storage solution such as OneDrive/Sharepoint or Google Drive/Team Drive. Establish cybersecurity from day 1 like external cloud backup service to backup the cloud storage for the team & individual accounts. 

  3. Stage 3 - E-Sign: We establish an Electronic Signing (E-Sign) system so you dont have to waste time printing, signing, scanning and then refiling. Most legal documents can be digitally signed expect things like statutory declarations.

  4. Stage 4 - Additional Enhancements: 

    • Invoice Processing Automation: With our document documents partners, MAXiSoft we the implement of specialised software that can automatically perform many of the manual tasks associated with the process. 

    • Filing Databse Upload: We assist Professional Services businesses (including legal, healthcare, education, financial & non-profit) in transitioning their scanned and non-scanned data to their preferred databases as required. That further simplifies their processes.

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