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* We service english speaking clients in most countries at this stage, except any that are under trade sanctions. Refer to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policies


Planning Session

Book a planning session at no charge remotely (Video) or onsite (Melb AU Only)

IT Innovation


Innovation session can be for any business or manufacturer or government agency, for example would you like us to attend your companies IT committee to brainstorm solutions? 

Sessions are available remote (Video) or onsite (Melb Au Only).

IT Product Research

"We are inventors of tech ideas that can change the course of your business and bring in benefits for years to come. "

--Michael Plis 

Researching the right tech products for deployment at a business can save you wasted time and money. 

As a tech consumer manufacturer, would you like someone to do the initial research into a new technology?

IT Product


As a small business, save time and money by Cyberkite testing the IT products and solutions before rolling them out. 


As a tech consumer product manufacturer, would you like genius ideas and feedback to make your products better? 

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