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Payments & Financing


  • All advertised prices include 10% Australian GST & 1.75% card payment surcharge for all cards, Google Pay & Apple Pay payments. Unless stated, the Labour Charges and/or Additional items are not included in advertised prices. All product orders are held for up to 2 days until payment is cleared to protect you and us - Refer below Payment Fraud Protection section below.


Cards & Digital Payment Options

  • You can pay with Australian Credit & Debit cards with the following logos: Visa, MasterCard, American Express.

  • You can pay with Google Pay & Apple Pay

  • Our online payment system (for Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Google Pay & Apple Pay) is backed by Stripe. ​They have sophisticated payment fraud detection systems.


Manual Payments Options

  • Bank Transfer or Pay ID option (Upon Request) - Request a quote for any product or service sold on the website and we will issue you an invoice with this option which can skip the 1.75% payment surcharge. ​Card payments will take up to 2 days to be processed before order is processed. 

  • Cash option (Upon Request) - For products & services sold onsite we do accept cash. After payment has been made we will send you a confirmation of payment as an invoice. This payment option skips the 1.75% payment surcharge. You can either give that to us in person if you're in Melbourne for up to $5000 or mail the cash through Australia Post (if its under $5000 with Aus Post Extra Cover) or for larger amounts you can use Prosegur Valuable Logistics service to ship that to us securely.  We do not accept cheques of any kind. Cash payments will take up to 2 days to be processed before order is processed. 

Direct Debit Facility for Recurring Payments for an existing client

  • We have GoCardless Direct Debit facility for our offline invoices for recurring payments for subscriptions. 

Financing Facilities

  • We have Financing option by BizPay for buy now and repay in 4 instalments any purchase amount from $100 and up. Request a quote on any products and services and we can issue you a invoice with BizPay option. 

Review our full Finance & Payment Options in detail. 

Payment Fraud Protection Policy


It may take up to 2 days to clear any product transactions before we can order the products from our suppliers and ship them to you. Our card processor Stripe already has sophisticated defences against payment fraud.  Why do we wait up to 2 days?


  1. To ensure the payment has been cleared into our bank account - which can take up to 2 days depending on the method. 

  2. To protect us and you from payment fraud (eg: your card has been stolen or someone has gotten access to your bank account to perform a bank transfer).

  3. To verify all information and sometimes ring the card holder or their bank to verify the payment is genuine. 

  4. The products are mostly the cost we have to pay to our supplier and usually it involves substantial amounts so all products are ordered once the payment has been cleared into our bank account. 

  5. The technology products are inherently pricey so we make sure the product is paid with your authorisation.


Refer to more Services Terms here.

Refer to Refunds and Returns Policy here.




Shipping Procedure

Step 1 - order your products from the Cyberstore or via Request a Quote offline. 

Step 2 - we wait once your payment has been cleared. Usually takes 1 to 2 days.


Step 3 - all the items are then ordered from the distributors/suppliers/vendors to the address you provided. Please provide address accurately to avoid sending it to the wrong address. If you notice the address is wrong report it to us immediately. 

Step 4 - Cyberkite or our Distributor/Supplier/Vendor ships the products directly to you. 

  • Items ordered may come separately if we source products from different distributors/suppliers/vendors. 

  • If the order is large (eg: 20 Dell desktop computers), you may be phoned by the courier or delivery company in advance to check if you are there. Make sure ask them to check with staff onsite where to deposit the delivery in safe area so there is no chance of theft or access by the public. 

Step 5 - When the order arrives to your designated address you will be required to sign off on the order as most of our products are valuable technology

Step 6 - If there is any issues with the product refer to Warranty Procedures or refer to our Refunds & Returns PolicyContact us prior to purchase for any advice and after your products arrive please contact us if you need further support. 

Shipping Types

  • Physical/Hardware Products: currently only ship within Australia. If the delivery is made by Australia Post your order will be delivered to PO Boxes. If another courier option they or may not be able to ship to PO Box. If you have an order for multi-country business please Request a Custom Quote

  • Digital Products (including cloud, web-based or software products): they are available in Australia. If you have an order for multi-country business please Request a Custom Quote

Tracking Orders

  • All orders delivered within Australia automatically have tracking or we will manually keep you updated on the progress.   

  • Once your order is dispatched, you will receive a dispatch confirmation email from us, containing the selected carrier’s name and your tracking number in most circumstances. 

  • If your order has not arrived please contact our Store Support for assistance in tracking via green Live Chat or Contact Us (select Cyberstore from dropdown)

Your Delivery Address

Wrong Address 

Please make sure you provide the correct address and recheck it before ordering.

  • We will not be responsible for shipping it to the wrong address.

  • If you want us to chase up the wrong shipping and reship it - we will invoice you additional shipping costs and admin fees (if required) to make that happen and deliver it to the correct address - please email us via the Contact Us

Alternative Address

  • We do not ship to Post Office boxes as most of our technology suppliers don't support it due to size & cost of IT products 

  • If you use Parcel Collect make sure you provide the right details including the Parcel Collect ID within the address field and the participating location address. Contact Australia Post for further details of visit their page. Some Parcel Lockers that are often in service stations may also not be compatible. It's best we send to domestic or commercial premises addresses to ensure the products arrive to you only (given they are expensive).

ETA / Backorders / Delivery Times

  • ETA: Orders are usually dispatched within 2 business days. All reasonable care is taken to complete the requested services or products within that time - provided there is no delays from our suppliers.  We endeavour to get your order to you ASAP. 

    • Digital marketing products that are customized after purchase and can take a few weeks to arrive or be processed as we are dependent on the platforms that supply it like Google, and depending on where you are located.

  • Backorder/Delays: We will advise you if there are any products that we ordered but its on Backorder with our suppliers. It will come to you but delayed. If you need the product urgently we can request a refund from the suppliers and source it from a different supplier but it may require additional cost in case the product costs more from the other supplier. Other reasons for delay are due to production shortages or shipping delays for example as a cause of pandemics and other reasons outside our control. 

  • Delivery Times: Once your order has been dispatched, delivery time will be subject to the delivery service selected but depending on location it is 2-7 days as per table below: 

Delivery Location & Estimated Delivery Times Table * 

* Delivery times depend on many factors such as border closures, delivery company issues, distance and other factors. We will communicate with you in regards to your delivery time. You can request at additional cost in some circumstances for a express delivery option.


- Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide: 1-4 Business days after dispatch

- Brisbane, Canberra, Geelong, Newcastle: 2-5 business days after dispatch

- Perth, Hobart, Darwin: 3-7 business days after dispatch

- Non Metro - VIC, NSW, SA: 3-7 business days after dispatch

- Non Metro - WA, TAS, QLD:     4-10 business days after dispatch

- Far North WA, Far North QLD and NT: 7-14 business days after dispatch


We don't ship outside of Australian states and territories at this time. 



Please review our Cybersecurity measures across our site, payment systems, devices, staff & apps here.





Affiliate Disclosure Statement

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  • If they are products with a $0 cost it simply means that after buying the $0 product to access the affiliate link and instructions as a downloadable PDF. If you then click through using one of our affiliate links within a $0 purchased product's PDF document and decide to purchase from our affiliate, we may receive an affiliate commission (at no additional cost to you) in return for marketing the product you purchased, as well as hosting and running this website.

  • If they are non-product links on our website or in social media posts then it will be a clickable link or button. If you click through using one of our affiliate links or buttons and decide to purchase, we may receive an affiliate commission (at no additional cost to you) in return for marketing the product you purchased, as well as hosting and running this website.