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Ubiquiti AmpliFi High Density Mesh Point Wi-Fi Extender, Adjustable super antenna, Works with Unifi Dream Machines & Gateways to create a small Mesh network around the office, Dimensions: 243.83 x 54 x 57.75 mm, Weight: 224 g, Warranty: 12 Months


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Ubiquiti AmpliFi Mesh HD Wi-Fi Extender for Dream Machine


    The AmpliFi MeshPoint HD features an adjustable super antenna. It can be used to expand the coverage of an AmpliFi Mesh System or turn an existing router or Wi-Fi cablebox into a powerful mesh network.

    The AmpliFi MeshPoint features an adjustable Super Antenna and fits discreetly in any household, wherever dead spots need coverage. Add MeshPoints as needed to an AmpliFi network or turn an ordinary router into a powerful mesh network. Signal strength LEDs are integrated into the design to ensure the system is positioned for optimal performance.