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Untangle your work life. For everyday business performance you need an easy device charger so you can perform at your best. This is a perfect choice for your Samsung or Qi-enabled wireless charger phones or devices. 


Samsung Convertible 15W Wireless Charger Stand (2020) - Black - Wireless Fast Charging (Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPhone), Qi, Portrait/Landscape Stand, Detachable stand, Interface: USB Type-C, Cable Length: 1 m, Packaging Contents: Wireless Charger Stand, 15W Wall Charger, USB Cable, Quick Start Guide. Compatibility: Galaxy S20, S20 FE 5G, S20 FE, S20+, S20 ultra and all Qi-enabled devices. Dimensions: W 70 x H 127.1 x D 29.11 mm, Weight: 169.16 g, Warranty: 12 Months


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Samsung Convertible 15W Wireless Charger Stand (2020) Black

  • Take your pick of charging positions: 

    With the detachable magnetic kickstand, you can choose to use the Wireless Charger Convertible as a pad or a stand. Prop up your phone to keep watching while you charge, or lay it flat to give it a rest.


    Keep watching while you charge: 

    Two charging coils inside allow you to comfortably keep your eyes on the screen without changing the orientation. Place it in landscape to finish your TV show or, if you're in the middle of a video call, you can keep your phone upright.


    Place it down, charge up fast: 

    Get back to your work or playtime quickly with the Fast Wireless Charging capability. Harnessing a maximum of 9W of power, it helps ensure you don't have to wait too long to get back to 100% battery.

    Dim the lights at night

    The Wireless Charger Convertible features an LED light to indicate whether your Samsung smartphone is using Fast Wireless Charging. When it's bedtime, you can turn off Fast Wireless Charging — which dims the LED light and stops the fan — for a sound night of sleep.


    Colours keep you in the know: 

    The LED light on the front intuitively tells you the charging status of your device with different colours: red for charging, flashing red for charging error, and green for fully charged.


    Qi-certified for safe charging and sharing: 

    Engineered with Qi technology, you can charge up your phone with a safe and reliable experience. Plus, you can share a powerup with your friends and family, or even other Qi-certified devices.