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Are you wondering why your competitors around you are booming, while youre struggling? Thats because most customers these days search for a business in a different way, the digital marketing way. That means they go in various places online and search for what they need and pick whats available. 


Whether you are a micro, small, medium or large business this setup pack is perfect for you. We setup a complete Google and Bing listing so your business shows up when clients search for it via Google Search, Google Maps, Bing Search and Bing Maps.


Focus on running your business, while we handle the rest in getting your business listed and seen. Most businesses report 10-20% increase in customer contacts within 1-2 months after setup. 


    Its a new product, so we welcome feedback from you. 


    Additional Products and Services: 

    • Ad Campaign Packs - Purchase packs with online advertising credits and setup time included. Just provide us the images and contentr to include and we will prepare and reoll out the campigns for you. 
    • Enhance Products -  Purchase one of our coming soon Enhance Products to help you physically let your clients know about your listings and social media. 
    • Digital Marketing Management Plans - if you prefer us manage the listings - then you dont need to purchase this pack - just choose a management plan and setup is included in management plans.


    Other Listing Setup Pack

    • Features:

      • Includes recieving your images and video clips, editing them and sprucing them up, and uploading them in the relevant spots. 
      • Adding all the relevant services and rpoducts you sell so that your business gets maximum local exposure. 
      • Adding various optimasations tro maximise the listings effectiveness. 
      • The listings themselves are free from Google and Bing, we just charge for the setup, verification and review process to make sure its effective. 
      • Guided verification process
      • Review process so you are satisfied with the result. 
    • This Setup Pack consists of: 

      • 1 x Google My Business Listing (no cost)

      • 1 x Microsoft Bing Places Listing (no cost) 
      • Our setup labour time for both listings

        • Setting up the back-end details & settings

        • Refining and upload of any images and videos you provided

        • Adding a one page site (if you don't have one)

      • Verification and adjustment process

    ETA on Delivery: The products are customised after purchase and can take a few weeks to arrive, depending on where you are located. All reasonable care is taken to complete the requested services or products - provided our suppliers don't delay us. 

    GST (AU): All prices don't include GST, as we don't charge it.

    Warranty: Simple. Our aim is to avoid issues altogether. If you are not satisfied with the result please contact us on blue chat below or Contact Us (dropdown: C Store). Copies of any hardware warranties can be provided to you, and we can assist in handling warranties if you want, just reach us Contact Us (dropdown: C Store).


    View our full Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for further details. 

    Payments accepted: 

    4717 - AMEX Multicard Lockup.jpg


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