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ZAGGInvisibleShield Glass+ Apple iPad Pro 11-inch Screen Protector - Impact Protection with Ion Matrix technology, Scratch protection, Reinforced Edges, Crystal Clear, Smudge Resistant, Easy to Apply on the Tablet, Warranty: Limited Lifetime if worn out will get replaced for the life of your device.

ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass+ Apple iPad Pro 11-inch Screen Protector

SKU: SX-200102108
  • Impact Protection:
    Glass+ features Ion Matrix technology, the most advanced impact and shatter protection available.

    Scratch Protection:
    A precision surface finishing process provides maximum scratch resistance.

    Reinforced Edges:
    Strengthened beveled edges help prevent chips and cracks for a smoother, seamless touch every time.

    Crystal Clear:
    Smooth tempered glass with reinforced beveled edges gives you maximum HD image clarity and precision touch sensitivity.

    Smudge Resistant:
    Its long-lasting, oil-resistant technology prevents fingerprint smudges to help keep your screen pristine.

    Easy Application:
    Smart EZ Apply® tabs make application bubble free. Simply align it, press it, and watch as Glass+ does the rest.

    A Warranty You Can Count On:
    A limited lifetime warranty means if your Glass+ gets worn or damaged, ZAGG will replace it for the life of your device.