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Written by Michael Plis. Your go-to source for smart technology & cybersecurity insights for small business. 

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My AI predictions for 2024

Updated: May 16

Here are my predictions in the development & use of AI (artificial intelligence) in this coming year, 2024. With the speed of development in 2023, it's inevitable that the speed at which it will accelerate this year will be even faster if not the same in speed.

Google, OpenAi and others are fighting for pole position in AI leadership seat - Credit: Unsplash / Google DeepMind

These are just predictions, so some of them may not happen, but based on what we have seen in 2023, AI will keep progressing this year and perhaps most of these may occur if not already.

Can you think of any more predictions? leave your comments below.

The AI predictions for 2024

  • Generative AI tools will advance to the point of being used in business daily if not already so.

  • Company managers and bosses will realise that some tasks can be automated with especially trained generative AI. Customised EI tools will become more readily available and easily trained without the need of databases.

  • Generative AI will be embedded into robots and they are going to keep accelerating in their skill learning and start to be used in different parts of the economy.

  • Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) will be released by one of the top companies either OpenAi, Google, Microsoft, Anthropic, IBM, Apple, Xai, Amazon or someone else.

Note: Artificial general intelligence (AGI) is a form of AI that possesses the ability to understand, learn and apply knowledge across a wide range of tasks and domains. Human level stuff or simulation of human level abilities.

  • Driverless cars will continue to advance with the addition of the latest types of generative AI.

  • AI will become huge in cybersecurity and malicious attacks

  • Generative AI models will be customised into different industries and start being mentioned in the news for discovering things that could take hundreds of years for humans.

  • There will be protests related to AI job losses.

  • Companies will continue to promote AI as safe for humans and as a co-pilot. But the reality is job losses will be major. eg: Google recently fired pretty much most of their advertising team because generative AI can do a better job.

  • Generative AI tools will start to be accepted in all schools and curriculums will have to be revised in order to accommodate them and still benefit students. Companies will also create a lot of different training programs that don't require humans. People wanting to learn something will not necessarily need any of that, especially in higher education and may switch to learning using AI directly at home.

Note: Being your neurodiverse, I've been finding it difficult to access higher education so I have been testing the possibility of that myself by simply using the available AI tools and taking notes like in class and then having a conversation with the OpenAI app conversation mode. The results are very promising. Obviously I have to check for a facts but overall it's proving to be a very accelerated training course getting to the bottom of information that I need to know. This is a cautionary alert to universities and higher education eg Tafes in Australia to get in on the act or be replaced by home based cheap AI training on any subject.

  • Language learning and language translation will be taken over by generative AI. The entire language learning industry will be turned upside down in the coming years starting this year.

  • Generative AI tools will come into the government in many countries being very useful such as providing a human-like conversational bot a tied to the data of each government website for easy finding of information. eg: UK Rishi Sunak said they doing that.

  • The medical industry will start to use generative AI tools across all sectors of the health industry with great discoveries and benefits. But It will also most likely replace some jobs or reduce some workloads that are repetitive.

  • Unemployment will rise worldwide as a result of generative AI

  • Governments will start to use specialised generative AI decision making AI to help them make good decisions based on all the available data. in effect, AI will start to be part of the decision making process.

  • Fraud will be difficult from 2024 because generative AI will be implemented with regulators in all countries and will be able to scour through mountains of data to find out crooks.

  • Most countries will enact AI regulations some sort to stem the unsafe use of artificial intelligence.

Can you think of any other changes that will happen this year because of AI? Leave your comments below.

Concluding comments

The snowball started in 2023, and it will keep rollin - Img Credit: Unsplash / Google DeepMind

At the fast rate of iteration that AI is going through and so many humans providing input and AI trainers in the background this is accelerating exponentially. But is it a good idea to rush at that speed. Unfortunately companies see dollar signs for this and they are blind to some of the dangers even though they say they are not blind.

Companies have already launched these tools in order to make the public familiar with it and once the public gets familiar with it there is no turning back. Political parties cannot get rid of AI. It's here to stay in the damage will keep getting worse.

But my realistic mind says that we should not think too negatively about AI and not think too positively about it. Being realistic is the best expectation because it'll be a little bit of bad and a little bit of good with AI. Prepare yourselves for that inevitability.

Let's hope that AI's benefits will improve our lives to equalise the risk that it will bring.

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