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Confluence of Generative AI & Humanoid Robotics

1X robots are simplistic but their skill set is increasing. Image Credit: 1X

In the ever-evolving landscape of robotics, a paradigm-shifting revelation has emerged. OpenAI-backed 1X humanoid robots, fueled by a substantial $125-million investment, are making remarkable strides in autonomy.

Despite their unassuming appearance – lacking feet and humanoid hands – these robots, like the innovative Eve model, exhibit significant capabilities. And a number of capabilities is what's going to change humanoid robotics scene.

1X's groundbreaking approach involves training 30 Eve bots through imitation learning, resulting in a versatile "base model" fine-tuned for diverse environment-specific tasks.

Watch the video to witness these robots in action, defying expectations and showcasing the power of autonomy:

🌐 Looking Ahead: The Fusion of Generative AI and Humanoid Robotics

Anticipating the future of humanoid robots is a thrilling endeavor, especially considering the integration of generative AI. Envision a new era where robots possess refined dexterity, advanced problem-solving skills, and heightened adaptability to diverse environments.

The synergy between generative AI and robotics could redefine human-robot interactions, allowing robots to learn and adapt in real-time. This not only enhances their responsiveness but also positions them as indispensable partners across various fields.

Time will tell whether this will be a good idea or not.

👁️ Shaping a Dynamic Future: From Task Execution to Intelligent Collaboration

As we peer into the future, the trajectory of humanoid robots transcends conventional expectations. With the evolution of generative AI, these machines could become more than task executors.

Picture robots showcasing creativity, emotional intelligence, and the ability to tackle unforeseen challenges. The vision is a world where robots seamlessly integrate into our daily lives, actively learning from experiences and collaborating dynamically with humans.

🌟 Unveiling Possibilities: The Fusion of Cutting-Edge AI and Robotics

As generative AI propels us into this transformative future, the possibilities are vast. The fusion of cutting-edge AI technology and humanoid robotics has the potential to redefine our interactions with intelligent machines.

This dynamic collaboration sets the stage for a world where humanoid robots play increasingly integral roles, not just as tools but as intelligent companions in our journey toward progress.

Join us in this exploration of the future at the intersection of AI and robotics. 🤖✨ But we need to do this cautiously and with lots of rules and protections for every part of society.

Possible dangers of generative AI robotics 👾

There is also underlying dangers: Will those robots run loose if something goes wrong? similar to movies like The Terminator or the Matrix.

Here's a clip from the Matrix movie where Neo get some explanation from Morpheus about what happened to AI:

And here is a clip from the Terminator 2 where T-1000 reprogrammed good robot explains house skynet AI started for the US military:

 These are cautionary movies that explain how dangerous this could become. I think we'll get somewhere to the point where someone lets something loose on purpose or accidentally and it starts roaming around digital networks. Wrecking havoc. It would then require more smarter AI to chase it and catch it across the world.

It's a very dark and dangerous future that we're heading if sufficient controls and put in place. Why? Because accidents happen in every industry and an AI accident could occur?

Also, our companies and businesses factoring accidents in the use of AI in the risk assessment and making sure that the products they create or develop or train don't add up causing trouble to their business that's irreparable.

So I recommend explore AI but cautiously every step of the way and pull back if necessary if something hits an alarm bell.

Job Losses in Blue and White Collar Sectors

Contrary to what AI development companies are saying all forms of AI will not create more jobs. It will actually lose more jobs according the OpenAi report called "GPTs are GPTs: An early look at the labor market impact potential of large language models".

This report was released last year but it's still underscores the possibilities of job losses in the white collar sectors. But the blue colour or labourers using their hands could potentially be affected by more dextrous and more capable physical robots in factories as well as in offices. Where some manual jobs are required.

As per the video by 1X you can see a whole host of robots dping tasks in the office or factory. And if they're capable of learning new tasks then they can be shown all the tasks as if a new staff member.

When that capability of learning improves, each business will be able to purchase a robot and teach it to do all sorts of tasks with some assistance from specialists who may need to adjust things to improve its reliability. But at some point there will be so reliable. They will not need any adjustments. They'll just be taught or they'll know the task already. You were just familiarise them with the business location such as an office space or a factory and they'll just go to work and charge themselves and go to work and charge themselves and so on.

Even programming is becoming automated by orders of magnitude. Eventually programmers will be out of a job. It's kind of unholy because programmers are programming themselves out of programming lol. I mean at some point everyone will be able to program without knowing programming.

I don't mean to scare anyone, but as these robots get better and better using generative AI, this will mean more job losses than wins because every single business apparently is looking into AI products and most likely generative AI robots at some point. If it can save business money and increase profits it will happen. The simple rule of business.

The question is what are governments doing about it? Are they preparing Universal basic income for people that are unable to find a job or lose their jobs? Well they should be. Every country should be thinking about universal basic income.


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