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IT products for Not-for-Profits (NFP) and NDIS providers to help them focus on supporting clients and reduce back of office expenses. 

The IT chasms of a modern Nonprofit


Our founder, Michael Plis has worked at a Not-For-Profit (NFP) before he started Cyberkite and had seen some of the chasms that restricted them from achieving their funding & service delivery goals. Often enough is the problem in bringing staff and volunteers together from all corners of the country or state to achieve those goals. With the approval of management, Michael was able to put together technology reports based on latest trends to open up new technological ways of saving funds and time. Most of these issues are also faced by Australian NDIS providers (National Disability Insurance Scheme).


Most technology vendors have nonprofit pricing and we work with you to apply for those. But not based on any specific preferences of board members or staff but based on what fits best for your non profit. At the very least we are available for a Technology Consultation to start the ball rolling. We can then prepare a technology report specifically for your organisation as an independent consultancy without any pressure on internal IT teams or your IT Managed Service Provider.


Here are some common issues we have identified and we hope you can relate:

1. Outdated telephone system with handsets plugged in by cable - you often need to go back to the office to check messages and the phones keep failing. Slowing your NFP down in performance and cost.

2. Aged computers that store precious and sensitive health documents on the local hard drive - if the hard drive fails the data will be lost. No or few devices that allow the whole team to meet a different locations. 

3. Your NFP has many disconnected or manual processes as well as double handling. You may have devices that slow down service delivery, donor management and funding campaigns. This creates a negative perception and negative reviews for your NFP.  

4. You are having problems meeting together over vast distances. No way to do effective conduct video conferencing & collaborate across teams and and staff securely. No safe ways to conduct video sessions with clients. 

5. You have a lot of paperwork to send to clients, to receive, to send to other providers and suppliers and so on. It all has to be orderly and accessible anywhere but often things have to be faxed back and forth and scanned several times. No way of digitally sign legal documents. 

6. You spend time buying databases and solutions that cost huge sums. Your board may consist of corporate members who have contacts to technology providers but they may not necessarily be the right option built for NFP and might be costing your business large sums. You need an outside perspective to workout a better and cheaper way of running the Back of Office. 

7. Your staff are glued to desktop computers unable to work anywhere, especially during disasters & pandemics. If your whole finance team wants to work offsite on a difficult accounting project they don't have the right devices for that. Your donation team wants to run an event offsite but they often lack the right equipment to achieve that.  

Unified Communications for NFP

Our Microsoft Teams or Zoom solution is tailored to the needs of Australian NFP providers and will help focus your team on delivering care to your clients and not be focused on back of office. 


  • Video Conferencing for all staff & with your clients on cases

  • Cloud Telephone number with headset & handsets where required for all staff.

  • Rich Chat features to collaborate via text between staff, Teams & even clients on cases.

  • Access to this system across all devices at any time. 

  • Full Call recording to go back on a call related to a case. 


Google Meet & RingCentral Phone / Chat / Gmail is excellent if your NFP needs to reduce on cost 

Surface products for NFP

We think that given majority of non profits are familiar with Microsoft Windows the Surface and Dell offerings is the right mix for the modern NFP. 

Our Range of Microsoft, Dell & Surface Products on Cyberstore will amazingly fulfill all your NFP computing needs with warranty and quality support. Learn more

Microsoft 365 Office is also an excellent office suite to transition to for collaborative experience, always online and providing advanced desktop document editing that Non Profits need for those excellent content they need to create for their donors, stakeholders and clients. Learn more.

Alternative: Google Workspace is excellent if your NFP doesn't need advanced document word editing features. 

Paperless Office for NFP

Transitioning to a fully or almost fully paperless office will do wonders for your NFP such as negating any archival costs except digital storage, getting clients to sign the induction forms fast without the need for reception to manually type it out and so on.

  • Eliminate as much manual handling of all paper as possible. 

  • Reduce costs

  • Speed up processes in the clinic.

  • Reduce mistakes  

Check out our range of Paperless Office products  and services to help you achieve that and grow as a NFP. 

Book a free IT consultation with us to join us on a journey of technology transformation without breaking the funding limits. 

Cybersecurity for NFP

It is very important to protect your client data - especially as a non profit because you store sensitive details about your clients and hackers love stealing such information regardless of your NFP size or the fact that you undertake philanthropy - they don't care about that.  Therefore it's important to ensure strong but reasonably costed cybersecurity. Cyberkite can help increase your defences. 

This includes putting together the right selection of products and applications to: 

1. Secure your devices

2. Secure your staff

3. Secure you client data

While at the same time not overly restricting your staff performance. 

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