IT Solutions

Setup properly to prevent issues

For Organisations in Australia *

Free Planning


  • We encourage new customers to book a free planning session.

  • We can meet Remotely (Video) or Onsite (Melb AU Only) at no charge to discuss your IT Setup and other needs. 

Occasional IT Setup+ Session

  • For occasional small Setup+ sessions you can book Remote (Video) or Onsite (Melb AU Only).

Brand Focused


  • Apple Focused

  • Microsoft Focused

  • Google Focused


In almost any business, one thing is common, that each business is unique

  • Our complete, quality IT solutions are simple, smart & secure. 

  • "Brand Focused IT Solution" means we identify the primary brand of operating system of work devices. We then design the solution around it so there is minimum issues. 

  • They reduce cost and time loss, by installing the right IT Solution that works well together. Not mismatched disaster.

  • Invest and Upgrade to a quality IT Solutions, and don't waste anymore resources on repair & IT Support costs. We will handle planning, procurement & deployment. 

Payment &



  • Payments Solutions - Effective Square or PayPal payment platforms. Includes in-store or online methods using cash, credit card, G Pay, Apple Pay.

  • Accounting Solutions that are simple! We can also work with existing solutions you have or help you transition to XERO, MYOB, WAVE, Quickbooks - Whichever platform your accountant prefers. 

  • HR & Payroll that works well with office 365 or G Suite. 

Cloud Phone

System & Video Conferencing

  • Cloud Phone System Solutions for G Suite and Office 365 office suites. Why pay thousands of dollars on VOIP or traditional phone systems?

  • Video Conferencing solutions for meeting rooms, conference rooms, small businesses, remote workers, etc. Includes full meeting room fit-outs for G Suite or Office 365 office suites. 


eFiling &



  • Complete multi-function printing, scanning and copying solutions for small business that works well with G Suite or Office 365

  • eFiling transition & implementation to G Drive, OneDrive and additional apps

  • eSigning solutions going paperless with legal documents like DocuSign or Adobe Fill&Sign

  • Solutions that work well with G Suite or Office 365 office suites. 


& Display


  • Does your business need advertising displays for the window front or within the building? We can help.

  • Do you need touchscreens for customer and staff interaction? For example a check in book at reception. We can help.  

  • Solutions that run on Windows. Chrome OS, Apple iOS. 

Smart Device Solutions

Types of Smart Solutions: 

Smart Lighting System

Smart Physical Security

Smart Climate Control

Commercial Robots

  • Commercial Robots are real and they can increase output, attract customers and perform duties while you focus on the business or service delivery. 

  • We are partnering with a local commercial robot provider to deliver and support this capability for your business.

  • Telepresence can in office, retail, education and health sectors. 

  • Customer Service can be useful in retail, office and other client front end areas. 

  • Service robots such as vacum or mopping cleaners can help manage business such as security and cleaning. 

  • Request quote or send us a message via the blue chat below if you need more info.

Are you still on Windows 7?

Only 14% of organisations that have Windows 7, have upgraded, although support & security updates ended on 14th January 2020. Upgrade to keep your business safe!


Many organisations also still use Office 2010, although support and security updates end on 13th October 2020!

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