IT Maintenance+

Prevention is better than a cure

For Businesses in Melbourne, Australia *

In this video, in principle, is an example of why IT Maintenance is so important for business. 

IT Maintenance+ Solutions:  

  • Preventative Maintenance extends life of IT and reduces chances of any IT Support issues (Depreciation of computers)

  • Administration helps you manage your IT, so you can focus on Business.

What doesn't work: 

  • A do-it-myself approach often ends up in trouble at the worst times. 

  • Managed IT Providers often include maintenance in their contracts but sadly fail to do proper maintenance, thus propping up their expensive IT Support contracts.  

  • Why pay for maintenance under IT Support contract when its often not done? Invest in a dedicated IT Maintenance & Admin contract (Minus the Support) with us and reduce disasters and create a self help workplace where you only need IT occasionally. . 

* We cover Melbourne, Australia and All Suburbs. We service businesses and remote workers and their home offices. Refer to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policies

Planning Session (No Charge)

  • We encourage new customers to book this no charge 30 minute planning session to do an assessment of your IT requirements. 

  • You can book a planning session Remotely for customers worldwide and Onsite (available for Greater Melbourne customers). 

  • For larger requirements contact us and we can arrange to come to you, with related travel charges covered by you but a much longer planning session at no cost. 

IT Session+

  • It can be a Setup, Administration or Maintenance Session. 

  • Plus Additional Services available. 

  • Whether its a small job or a larger project. 

  • You can book a Remote session or Onsite (Greater Melbourne only)

Ongoing IT Maintenance & Admin Agreements

For new contracts clients: 

For existing Customers: 

Click on the link below to access your own support portal. 

IT Maintenance & Admin Services

maintaining and administering IT solutions is as important as proper setup and training. it can extend the life of your IT equipment and ensure its safe for your staff and clients. 

  • General IT Admin (eg: Office 365 or G Suite setting up accounts, etc)

  • General IT Maintenance

  • Performance Tuning: Computers & Mobile Devices, incl. minor upgrades

  • Updating: Apps & Operating System

  • IT Cleaning (OH&S & Performance)

  • Cybersecurity Preventative Tasks

  • Computer Repair & Preventative Upgrades, etc. 

Request a Quote or message us via blue chat below for more details. We can address other IT safety & cost reduction related requirements that aren't mentioned here. 

+ Additional Services

IT Safety & Cost Reduction is part of out IT Maintenance+ services​ and they are in important complementary part of your small business insurance and risk management approach. 

  • Appliance Test & Tag (OH&S)

  • Cable Management (OH&S) - desks, receptions, network cabinets, addressing IT tripping hazards, etc. 

  • Staff Ergonomics Review (OH&S) - 

  • Workstation IT Safety Review (OH&S)

  • IT Energy Saver Service (Cost Saving) - we can implement energy saving settings and solutions to help reduce the use of electricity which can be as high as 500 watts per device. 

Request a Quote or message us via blue chat below for more details. We can address other IT safety & cost reduction related requirements that aren't mentioned here. 

Device Insurance &

Disaster Recovery Services

In case you do experience a disaster such as fire, flooding, lightning, lose files, and theft we have a number of services that can assist with the process of getting back to business. 

  • IT Device Insurance Reports (Assessments): If your devices are insured such as under contents insurance, we can provide a report for insurance company based on their requirements. Then recommend replacement or hardware repairs, we can also arrange electrician to test device's electrical safety for reuse. 

  • Device Damage Assessments - we can conduct flooding, lightning and fire damage safety assessments to determine if devices are reusable or need to be replace / covered by insurance. 

  • Data Recovery services - whether your have a Windows, Apple Mac, Android and Apple iOS devices, we can assist in recovering data accidentally erased. Then helping your business improve your backup setups to prevent loss of business data next time. 

  • Disaster recovery services - we can assist your business in planning and restoring IT services for your business.  

Request a Quote or message us via blue chat below for more details. We can address other IT safety & cost reduction related requirements that aren't mentioned here. 

Are you still on Windows 7?

Only 14% of organisations that have Windows 7, have upgraded, although support & security updates ended on 14th January 2020. Upgrade to keep your business safe!


Many organisations also still use Office 2010, although support and security updates end on 13th October 2020!

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