This page discusses IT Safety related to mental health, electrical safety, fire safety, tripping hazards, hygene, ergonomics, seasonal IT safety like summer or winter, etc. We think this is very important to cover for eveyones safety and long life.

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Dated 25-05-2019



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Mental Health & IT in Workplace

Cyberkite supports WorkSafe Victoria's WorkWell Toolkit: "The WorkWell Toolkit is a voluntary online navigation tool which links workplaces with relevant research, tools and information, to support them in building a mentally healthy workplace."

Why is mental health in the workplace relevant to IT Safety? 

  • Computer monitors can have a bad effect on the sleep patterns. Cyberkite can assist in setting up all your devices to reduce blue light on all your devices to reduce the chances of you and your staff developing sleep disorders. 

  • Workplace social media, email and instant messaging apps can be great for productivity but when not handled right, it can contribute to deterioration of the culture in the workplace. 

  • Complicated or double handling business processes can contribute to staff satisfaction levels, staff retention, stress and depression. 

  • As Google offices have shown retention of good staff by creating a great atmosphere can contribute to overall wellbeing. 

  • Cyberkite can help in many of these areas such as simplified business processes, less double handling, better atmosphere through smart devices and technology features. This in turn can contribute to less days off from your staff. 


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