General IT

Simple, Smart & Secure IT Services

For Professional Services organisations such as Legal, Medical, Financial, Education & Non-Profit in Australia *

IT Session+

Casual Quality IT Setup, Service, Maintenance & Admin Sessions plus more. 

These casual IT sessions can be for IT Setup, Small Group Training, Service (Support), Administration or Preventative Maintenance Session. Only good for small jobs. For large jobs book a free planning session to start the project or  for Level 1 or Level 2

Includes IT Disaster Recovery Services  

  • Device Damage Insurance Assessments

  • Data Recovery Services

  • IT Disaster Recovery Plan preparation. Priced as a project. 


Just book us in for a remote or onsite  IT+ Session below. 

+ stands for additional onsite services that are outlined under + Services


Additional services available to enhance your glide. Mainly for onsite sessions only.

  • Large IT Projects: If it's a large project book us in for a free planning session to start the planning & proposal process. Each project is priced differently based on requirements & solutions that suit. 

  • Appliance Testing & Tagging - to comply with regulations for all electrical devices. 

  • Cable Management  - we are experts in cleaning up cabling across site including network cabinet for Safety. 

  • Staff Ergonomics & Safety Reviews ​- systematic review & recommendations to reduce to prevent injury from IT equipment. 

  • IT Energy Saver Service - each devices uses power & it adds up. We work with you to adjust IT settings & processes to reduce power use. 

Ongoing IT Maintenance & Administration

Prevention is better and cheaper than a cure. 

We have limited openings - don't miss out on a high quality care!


Level 1: Monthly Apps & Device Preventative Maintenance Package

  • This package looks after your devices only - not IT support to staff. It's just preventative maintenance for your devices to greatly minimize breakdowns.

  • Support on this level can be booked as an occasional IT+ Session. 

  • More cost effective than casual visits and provides ongoing preventative care for just your devices.  

Level 2: Monthly IT Administration Package

  • This level looks after your whole IT including apps, devices and full staff IT Admin, Setup, Service & Preventative Maintenance.

  •  More cost effective than casual visits and get high quality full IT care from Michael and his team. 

IT Learning & Research Center

IT training, research and testing services for your organisation. 

IT Training Services

Casual IT Training

Ongoing Training Packages

IT Research & Testing Services

IT Training & Technical Writing Services: We specialise in remote and onsite training sessions. User Guides, User Wiki Sites, Tailored Onsite & Remote Training Sessions

Our IT vendors and partners


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