Enterprise Mobility

Transform your organisation into a mobile workforce with these 3 areas

For Professional Services organisations such as Legal, Medical, Financial, Education & also Non-Profits in Australia *

Enterprise mobility is an approach to work in which employees can do their jobs anywhere using a variety of devices and applications.

Fast Internet & Networking Services

First area Mike can address is: Upgrade your network to handle Paperless and Unified Communications. High Speed internet and networking for small legal firms, medical clinics, financial services businesses, education providers and non profits to  fast productivity internet and secure Wifi network . 

  • Cyberkite is proudly a TPG Enterprise and Domestic dealer so that Michael can work with our TPG Account Manager to get your Internet & Network upgraded.  


Corporate High Speed Internet Options: 

  • Business NBN up to 88 Mbps speed

  • Dark Fiber up to 1000 Mbps speed

  • Faster Options

Install & Service of Managed Devices: 

  • Routers

  • Switches

  • Wifi Hotpots

  • Backup Wireless Internet

Network Cabinet Cleanup & Upgrade Services: 

Michael is a trained network engineer, so he and his team can turn your possibly unsafe and unreliable network cabinet into a beacon of safety and reliability. We can support your Managed Service Provider as contractors in deploying this cleanup - they are busy. 

Paperless Office Transition Services

Second area Mike can address is: Paperless Office transition services for small legal firms, medical clinics, accountants and non profits to a unified communications solution with phones, video & audio meetings, rooms, social workplace for access to documents from anywhere securely. 

Transition stages: 

You may just want to deploy these in this order to ensure an effective transition. 

Stage 1 Upgrade Hardware: Deploy or Upgrade your Multi-Function Printers / Scanners or Table Top Scanners with our partners MAXISoft. 

Stage 2 Scan & Order:  We scan all the documents that aren't scanned and work with each team to create an effective digital filing process on cloud storage like Microsoft SharePoint Team Drive or Google G Suite Teams Drive. Establish cybersecurity like external cloud backup service to backup the cloud storage for the team & individual accounts. 

Stage 3 E-Sign: We establish an Electronic Signing (E-Sign) system either with DocuPrint or PleaseSign. Most legal documents can be digitally signed expect things like statutory declarations. This prevents needing to print, sign, scan and refile. 

Stage 4: Optional - Filing Databse: Transition the filing system into a more secure filing system thats easier to search or specific database platforms for legal, medical, accountant and non profit systems for added security.

Unified Communications Implementation

Third area Mike can address: Unified communication transition services for small legal firms, medical clinics, accountants and non profits to a unified communications solution with phones, video & audio meetings, rooms, social workplace for greater productivity and total mobility. 

Transition stages: 

You may just want to deploy one of these stages only or one at a time. 

Stage 1 All Meeting Rooms to Video Conferencing: Transition the meeting room to a unified video and audio solution either from Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom Rooms, RingCentral Rooms.

Stage 2 Video Conferencing Meeting Space for Teams: Transition each team to the chosen video/audio solution for video/audio meetings: Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom Meetings or RingCentral Office. We may need to upgrade your business high speed internet 

Stage 3 Cloud Phones: Transition the phone phone system to enterprise cloud phone based solutionChoose from Microsoft Teams, Zoom Phone or RingCentral Office or TPG BizPone (Basic Cloud Phone System) then we add some awesome headsets and IP phones that work with the chosen solution then transfer phone numbers. Finally we add high speed internet and a backup wireless service. 

Our Flexible Office vendors and partners

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