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Tech for Eco Businesses

EcoTech solutions to help Renewables & Environmental companies focus on saving our planet and not getting stuck on IT problems. 

The IT dramas of an Eco Business


Most countries in the world are heading to net zero carbon emissions target by 2050 including eventually Australia. That's is an inevitable fact that companies like yours will grow. You will need a technology partner to grow. Cyberkite is the right technology consultancy to help you save thousands and simplify IT & Cybersecurity. Therefore if you're a business involved in renewables or environmental products and services then you are going to need reliable Cybersecurity and IT to ensure you're ready for growth and can withstand data theft targeting by foreign and domestic adversaries. 

Here are a few common technology problems that renewables & environmental services companies face: 

1. Workstations aren't secure enough to protect sensitive client or product data. Offering environmental services or products or providing renewables technologies can be an invitation for foreign competitors and criminals to steal that data. Your company is often the victim of malware or hackers. 

2. Mobile devices don't last all day and need to be charged when in the field. Similar to construction industry, renewables and environmental services often can take your staff offsite outdoors. 

3. Manual invoice processing - The invoice processing steps can vary across different companies – depending on the size of the organisation, the type of invoices,  whether the invoices are electronic or physical, etc. In some cases, the invoice handling process exceeds fifteen different steps before the invoice can be considered completely processed, which can be inefficient and very time and resource consuming. Usually the larger the company, the more complicated the invoice processing, and certain types of organisations also typically deal with many more invoices than others.

6. Lack of secure & thorough Wi-Fi coverage. Connectivity is an important part of staying connected to your customers and as your business grows to not lose a moment. That is often what happens when you might be experiencing Wi-Fi dropouts at home office or head office. 

7. Lack of digital signature solution to allow for singing off legal contracts and approval of documents. Both in the offsite situations and in the office, the multiple handling of legal documents by printing and scanning can waste very large amounts of time and not be good for the environment. 

Unified Communications for Eco Biz

Our Google Meet or RingCentral solutions tailored to the needs of Australian eco companies and will help take your team out of the office and into the field to be with customers or on project sites or in the lab.


  • Video Conferencing for all staff & with your clients on projects

  • Team sites for each eco project to collaborate with client and staff. 

  • Cloud Telephone number with headset & handsets where required for all staff with RingCentral Voice plans add-on.

  • Rich Chat features to collaborate via text between staff, teams & even clients on projects.

  • Access to this system across all devices at any time. 

  • Great project management tools with with Google Sheets and Rooms in Gmail

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Also the Google Workspace goes hand in hand in providing a live and agile cloud based office suite that is always on. Switch to Google Workspace for optimum security for your  Eco Business and with Cyberkite's deployment excellence you can't go wrong. Learn more. 

Computers for Eco Biz

Many environmental professionals prefer using Apple products and some choose Chromebooks, either due to their app requirements or their experience or security requirements. Book us in for a tech consultation to discuss further.

Our range of Chrome Enterprise Products on Cyberstore will excellently fulfil all your eco computing needs. It's really good they are very secure and use little power. Learn more. Don't forget the fact that the complement to Chromebooks in the field are Android tablets and phones. Learn more.

Our Apple computers offer greater security than Surface if you are familiar with Apple devices and it suits your business. They are an excellent high quality device that will perform over long time. We can then match it with rugged cases for the field. Don't forget, Apple iPad Pro's consume very little power. Learn more.

Lack of collaborative software makes it hard for the architects and construction site staff to address changes on the fly. Book a Technology Consultation at no cost to discuss your requirements & come up with a better apps mix

We have some IT Support sessions available for casual setup and support. Book an IT Session

Invoice Processing Automation

What is automated invoice processing?

Involves the implementation of specialised software that can automatically perform many of the tasks associated with the process of transfer of data from invoices to into the accounting system.

Benefits of Invoice Processing Automation:

  • Cost Savings - The costs of processing invoices manually can be very high. It is estimated that processing a paper invoice can cost anywhere between $8 and $60. 

  • Time Saving - Software solutions for automated invoice processing can eliminate many tasks, such as routing, classification, validation, and manual data entry.

  • Error Reduction - With automation software, error rates are minimised, preventing all types of error-resulting issues, such as delayed approvals, time spent on searching for and correcting mistakes, as well as loss of discounts

  • Staff Satisfaction - Employees responsible for data entry or validation can be liberated from these tedious tasks.

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