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Tech for Digital Marketing

IT Support & products for small businesses doing their own Digital Marketing. Also bridging the IT gap between Marketing companies and your business.

Why do you need IT help in Digital Marketing?

Scenario 1: You're a small business or sole trader, you hire a digital marketing company and they ask you to provide Google My Business logins, your social media logins and website logins. You barely have enough time for the business, let alone searching for all these logins and getting them sent to the digital marketing company. You need someone clever in IT to document all that for you securely and send that off to the marketing company for them to start the work. 

Scenario 2: You're a small business or sole trader and at the moment you don't have the budget to hire a professional marketing company to make your website, setup your company social media accounts and get listed on Google and Bing among others. You could spend a couple of years trying to work this out or maybe you need the assistance of an IT Professional who can get that setup for you, so you can manage it yourself. Then in the future when your organisation grows you can hire a marketing company. 

Here are some common IT issues in digital marketing: 

1. Google My Business & Bing - your struggling getting the GMB & Bing setup properly or are unable to access it. 

2. LinkedIn - you are unsure how to setup a Company profile or spruce up your LinkedIN profile to look professional and relevant. Or you're struggling with all the unnecessary notifications and other annoying aspects of LinkedIn. You need help getting setup on Sales Navigator.

3. Facebook - you aren't sure how to setup Facebook personal & company profiles and set it up to be useable. You're trying to get specific things sorted but Facebook Support is useless. There are useful tools in Facebook but you are lost. 

4. Instagram or TikTok - you aren't sure how to get setup on this social platform to represent yourself and the company and get it setup properly. You may also need help on how to use it for business. 

5. Twitter - you need assistance in creating a company Twitter account and get that properly configured. You need training on how to use it for business. 

6. YouTube - you need help getting that setup for business use and best way to manage your personal and business presence. Settings are confusing. 

7. Your own website - you want your own website but don't have the budget for a professional website created and maintained. You aren't sure which website design service to use or how to set it up including Domain Name, SSL, Email (on Google Workspace or Microsoft 365), and other basic aspects. 

8. Choosing & setting up the right apps for marketing & sales  - you need help selecting and setting up basically a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software or Social Media manager to manage all your social media posts in one place. You need guidance on selection and basic setup of all sorts of marketing & sales software. 

9. Devices for Marketing - you have slow or inoperative computers and mobile devices that keep freezing, getting infected with viruses and don't have the right software to get your marketing accessible and useable. You need help selecting the right marketing hardware for video conferencing, live streaming and etc.

Marketing IT Support

1. Google My Business (GMB) and Bing setup and support 

2. LinkedIn setup and support for profiles & settings

3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator setup, support & advice. 

4. Facebook setup & support of personal and company or brand profiles. 

5. Instagram or TikTok setup & support

6. Twitter setup & support

7. YouTube setup & support. 

8. XERO or Quickbooks IT support (because it can take very long to get support form XERO)

9. Most other marketing & sales apps setup & support. Where we can't help we will refer you to a specialist. 

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Website IT Support

1. Wix setup and support

2. Weebly (by Square) setup & support & Square Free e-Commerce Site

3. Shopify setup & support

4. Google Sites setup & support

5. Squarespace setup & support

6. Appointment Apps setup & support and linking with your Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace calendar. 

7. Basic assistance in linking app marketplace apps within those website design platforms as mentioned above. 

8. Visual apps and services advice and setup so you can create your own content including how to use Canva. 

9. Domain Name, SSL and other IT tasks such as setting up email server on Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace. 

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Devices for Marketing

For Apple users we sell a complete range of Mac, Macbook, iPad and the full range of Apple computers & accessories. View our range.

For Microsoft users we recommend Surface or Dell computers and we stock the full range of them. View our range.

For Chromebook users visit our range of Chrome Enterprise computers including Chromebooks and Chromeboxes. View our range.


For Android users we stock a wide range or Samsung and Nokia phones and tablets to get you ready. View our range.

Apps for Marketing

Microsoft 365 office suite is the way to go for Windows users and goes nicely with the Surface or Dell computer. Learn more.

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is an office suite competitor of Microsoft 365 and has excellent live document features allowing very good collaboration with other staff and marketing providers. Learn more

Request a Quote for any other software for your sales or marketing needs - we have a wide range. Or book a Tech Consultation for us to show you some free and/or open source alternatives. 

Disclaimer about our support for Digital Marketers

  • Live Streaming - We don't assist with complex live streaming or video blogging or audio podcasting solutions but can connect you with a specialist business for that. We just help with very basic live streaming setups which is enough for a small business. We also don't run professional live streaming or audio podcasting services but can connect you with local providers. We can though provide valuable advice and support to get started and then refer you to experts - this can save you a lot of expense. 

  • Social Media - We don't represent any of the social media platforms we help you with. We are just your personal support to get these setup & working correctly for business use. 

  • Artwork or Content - We don't get involved in creating your website content or doing artwork of any kind - we can only provide a little bit of artistic feedback as some of our staff have an artistic background. We can however suggest freelancers who create content.

  • Website Design

    • We don't support WordPress as the platform is mostly used by professional digital marketing companies and requires their expertise.

    • We also aren't programmers or web developers so we don't support offline web design software eg: Adobe Dreamweaver as these require the expertise of specialists and is not designed to manage it on one's own.

    • Our digital marketing IT support services aim to support your own website creation & management or assist you in liaising with digital marketing companies on the IT side. We provide IT support for you to get basic things setup (except content & artwork creation) for web design platforms that are designed for self service such as Wix, Shopify, Weebly (by Square), Free Square e-Commerce Site, Google Sites, Squarespace.