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Backup & Restore


Packages (TM)


We setup smart backup solutions to cover all the backup needs of your business: 

  • Windows & Mac Device Backups to Secure Cloud - for each user

  • Chrome OS device backup - for each user

  • Office 365 Account (incl OneDrive) backup to Secure Cloud - for each user

  • G Suite Account (incl Google Drive) backup to Secure Cloud - for each user

  • Local backup to NAS or Local USB Portable hard Drive or Server or PC. 


We obviously include restore options for the Backup solution as mentioned under BACKUP

Additionally we also offer specialised Data Recovery services for Windows, Mac, Android and Apple iOS devices in case something wasn't backed up. 

This includes the situation when a hard drive dies and data is lost in that hard drive. We will get our specialist lab provider to repair the damaged drive and recover the data. 

We can't recover everything in all circumstances but we most likely be able to recover a lot. That's why its best to have a reliable backup solution to avoid such situations. 

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