Defence 3

Updates & Upgrades


Packages (TM)

OS UPDATES & Upgrades

  • If you are still using Windows 7 or Vista upgrade with us ASAP since support for Windows 7 ends 14 January 2020

  • Are you using Windows 10 but you are on a version no longer supported? We can upgrade you to the latest version. 

  • Upgrade or Update Apple Macs

  • Update Android and Apple mobile devices like phones or tablets. 

  • We can train staff on how to update mobile devices regularly. 

  • We can assist in defining an aged policy, reviewing your existing computers and arranging a plan for upgrade and handle the rest.

APPS Upgrades & Updates

  • Office Suite updates and upgrades.

    • For example support for Office 2010 ends in October 2020, let us help your business upgrade to Office 365 (on the cloud and offline) or Office 2019 (offline only) 

  • Switch to a different office suite such as Google G Suite if it suits your business. ​

  • Upgrade whatever software packages you need and we will also train you on the updates. 

  • Change to better reviewed apps that are safer. 


  • Network Device Firmware Updates or complete replacement of the hardware. 

    • Wi-Fi Hotspots​

    • Switches

    • Routers

  • Replace Old Android or Apple iphones or iPads that are no longer secure. ​

  • Replace old printers and devices that are no longer secure.  

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