Defence 2

Anti-Malware (Virus, Spam, Intrusion) & Physical Security


Packages (TM)

Smart Anti-Virus Solutions

Smart Anti-Spam Solutions

  • Smart anti-spam solutions that suit Google G Suite or Microsoft Office 365 office suite customers. 

  • Cyberkite's training solutions to train staff how to identify malicious emails that could cause serious problems in your business. 

Smart Intrusion Detection Solutions

  • Intelligent intrusion detection systems across your whole business for the business that has more sensitive data and prone to constant attacks. 

  • Automated triage once an intrusion is detected. 

  • Whether its a specific system or your whole network - we will match the right solution. 

  • Cybersecurity specialist service to monitor your network 24/7 if you are a larger business with our partnership with a specialist provider. 

Smart Physical Security Solutions

  • Vehicle and Equipment Security

    • GPS Tracking with Geofencing (cars, equipment, tablets, mobiles, keys, wallets, valuables)​

    • Black Box Recording

  • Smart Building Security
    • Smart CCTV systems from Swann and other providers. ​ With cloud CCTV backup nightly. 
    • Door and Window Sensors
    • Movement sensors
    • Outdoor sensors & cameras
    • Smart door locks
    • Smart door bells
    • Telepresence Robots for areas not covered by CCTV or Sensors
    • Solution able to be accessed from anywhere in the world. 

Are you still on Windows 7?

Only 14% of organisations that have Windows 7, have upgraded, although support & security updates ended on 14th January 2020. Upgrade to keep your business safe!


Many organisations also still use Office 2010, although support and security updates end on 13th October 2020!

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