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After the Pulsecheck and Healthchecks are done, then comes

the "immune booster" to strengthen the defenses ahead of an attack or even prevent from happening. There is no full-proof protection but there is a level of prevention that will give you confidence to glide into the future. Below is a framework of the defense areas that we consider in your tailored CyberUpgrade. We hand pick the needed aspects from each defence to build your "immune booster" upgrade to improve your IT Security health. 

Are all your devices and software updated, and upgraded to the latest operating system? We can do all the work in updating and upgrading all your software and devices. 

  • Windows 7 to Windows 10 Upgrades

  • Windows and Mac hardware Upgrades due to aged device policy

  • Upgrade old and unsafe iPhones and Android mobile devices. 

  • Upgrade network devices to newer software or replace them altogether if they are severely aged. 

Defense 4

Total Backup & Restore

Whether your computer dies, your office or retail space experiences a fire or theft, you can rest easy knowing that our designed and setup backup solution for your business will keep a copy of your data in a secure highly encrypted cloud backup service.


This includes backing up data on Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive (as these services don't have good backup options for those times when everything is lost or you accidentally delete something. 

Defense 5

Strenghtening of Apps & Devices

We strengthen devicesapplications and operating systems by turning on or off settings or uninstalling apps that can leave a door in for hackers or viral outbreaks. This includes network devices. 

We can deny all unauthorised apps and allow specific apps (whitelist) to use the internet and function on devices, especially desktops and laptops. 

  • Adjust Device, Operating System and Apps settings to remove any security issues

  • Only Allow specific apps to access the internet on devices

Defense 6

  Monitoring, Training, Insurance & Documentation

Testing the protections that we implement for you ensures it's working as expected.


Our training sessions will help you and staff to know how to prevent and deal with such things as spam emails, viral websites and suspicious files. Knowing what to do is as important as having the protections.


Cybersecurity Insurance is also important in case of an incident and we can include that in the package through our brokers.  

Recording everything securely including the preparation fo a IT disaster recovery plan & related documentation

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