Case Studies

There are so many types of small businesses out there that it's impossible to mention all of them.


So the industry types below are grouped according to the general types of workplaces environments. 


"All progress takes place outside the comfort zone." -- Michael John Bobak

Food & Drink Business

Coffee Shop

You're a coffee shop or restaurant or grocer business. 

Some business problems

  • You never have time for a lot of things, especially things related to IT and Digital Marketing. 

  • You have a pile or paper receipts and never enough time to deal with them. 

  • Your long term goal is to create a unique atmosphere to attract and keep clients. 

  • You spend a lot and get little back for example paying your bank monthly charges for EFTPOS machine. 

Few ways we can help

  • We can switch your business to Square payment system to save you funds. 

  • Why don't we assist n transitioning to electronic filing/scanning, so you no longer need to keep any printed receipts. 

  • What abut WiFi fr staff and separate WiFi for the clients? 

  • What about smart lighting to adjust mood and colour scheme based on the time and day? 


Retail Business

Image by Patrick Tomasso

You're a small retail or fashion store. 

Some business problems

  • You need to keep track of all the items but find it hard to do this with pen and paper. 

  • You want to improve your Digital Marketing but you are not sure how or you have 0 time to do it.

  • You need to engage with clients but you also need to stay at the register in case a clients wants to buy something. 

  • You want to change the mood and lighting based on time and day but don't have time to do this manually. 

  • You can't afford other staff to provide extra customer service to show clients around. 

Few ways we can help

  • We can assist in switching to Square payment system which has a built in stock tracing features and barcode scanner/printer options. 

  • We review your business operations and then recommend a plan of action on which social media suits best to target the right audience, assist you with managing your social media and if you prefer handling it yourself we can coach on best methods and tools to be handle it well. Remember social media means its a social approach. 

  • We can switch you to Square payment system which can allow you to use work phones as registers and still walk up to clients and help them with products.

  • We can help install smart devices including smart lighting that can change intensity and colour of lights based on your preferences. 

  • You could look at a tele-presence (be at the back and still serve customers) or customer service robot, which we can tailor to assist you around the retail space. This in turn can also bring in more customers simply because of curiosity. 


Office Based Business

Office Space

Your business runs from an office space. 

Some business problems

  • For example, an Employment Recruiter in Dandenong, VIC struggled to deal with multiple email accounts and is constantly on the run - sometimes in office and sometimes on the road.

  • Your office has aged computers or your on Windows 7 or 8 and you need to upgrade to Windows 10 before Win 7 expires in Jan 2020. 

  • Your office business needs someone to maintain or administer your IT on a regular month by month basis. 

Few ways we can help

  • We sat down with the Employment Recruiter recently and listened to their issues with multiple email accounts. then we came up with a solution so they enter a new appointment in the right calendar straight form their phone. ten we added the calendars in all their devices. 

  • Cyberkite can review your computers, plan the upgrade deciding whether to replace the computer or upgrade it to Windows 10 or if you using Mac then similar approach of upgrade or replace.

  • Cyberkite will plan your maintenance agreement month by month (can cancel at any time) and over time assist in getting your IT up to scratch and assist long term as you grow the company. Automation and training is our motto. 


Education Business

Female Student

You're an education or tutoring provider

Some business problems

  • You have to maintain an expensive fleet of Windows based computers in your training room or classroom. 

  • You're spending tons of money on software and hardware that.s wrong for your organisations long term need

  • You don't have reliable and secure WiFi network for students and separately for staff. 

Few ways we can help

  • Cyberkite will sit down with your team and plan, review your computers and devices, and recommend a short and long term plan for getting your education small business to a much more efficient and cost effective level. Such as switching all your classroom computers to the very secure Chromeboxes/Chromebooks and Chrome operating system. 

  • We will assist you to go through the application process for subsidised and sometimes free licensing and lower hardware costs that better meet your needs - such as smartphones and Chromebooks for your lecturers and staff. 

  • We will review, plan and upgrade your WiFi network to a simple, easy to use and very reliable WiFi network in all your locations. 


Health, Fitness & Beauty Practice

Leg Injury

You practice medicine, health or beauty

  • You're a medical clinic and you would like to get rid of paper costs and have access to medical records securely anywhere and anytime. 

  • You're a massage clinic and you would like to create an automated and configurable smart lighting and music solution in treatment rooms and waiting area but you are not sure how. 

  • You're a hair studio or beauty treatment centre and you would like to have reliable WiFi for clients and separately for staff across the facility. 

One of a few ways we can help

  • Cyberkite can assist you to review your current printing/scanning and document management setup,  then plan for short term and long term transitional steps to electronic filing and signing and work with your staff to change in stages. Solution will be ready for growth. 

  • Practice Management Solution: For Healthcare industry we can deploy a practice management system for clinics and allied health practitioners then link that with HealthEngine booking system and an electronic form system which would include a Kiosk app on an iPad with a signup/consent form for example which would link up to  the practice management syetem. 

  • We can plan a smart lighting solution with additional humidifiers, air filters, and other atmosphere creating products to setup a scheduled and manually controllable solutions to leave your customers with an awesome experience and want to come back. 

  • We can review your business for ideal WiFi solution and install and train staff for the new WiFi. We can also prepare self help posters for the clients so they can connect to your WiFi with ease. 


Non-Profit / NDIS Business

Soup Kitchen

You are a non-profit (NGO) or a charity

  • Example of one of the previous direct clients that Michael looked after was Launch Housing. They were always low on budget and needed to start transitioning to an electronic filing and signing solution to help their case workers access files on the go and save on storage, archival and printing costs. 

One of a few ways we can help

  • Michael sat down with key management to plan out the e-filing / e-signing solution with one of the branches of Launch Housing and worked on short-term and long-term transition to electronic filing - 3 stages: 

    1. E-Filing - Merge and order existing shared folder structure - and plan with the organisation to establish a process of standard naming for common client files. And plan for transition of the shared folders to cloud storage either on OneDrive or G Suite.

    2. E-Signing - Implement e-signature system with software and hardware to remove the need to print, sign and then scan documents. 

    3. Knowledge Management System (Optional) - Transition the shared folders to a secure e-filing knowledge management system that can handle version control, is more secure and integrates well with either G Suite or Office 365. 


Hotel & Tourism

hotel Check In

You're a small hotel, motel or AirBNB host

  • You keep complicated checkin/check out books on the reception bench and its difficult to manage because you have to also input the booking on the computer and manually mark that they are checked in. 

  • Your clients keep complaining of an unreliable WiFi in their rooms. 

  • You would like to create a smart solution in each of the rooms with smart lights, security, smart locks and entertainment solutions such as a Smart Android TV with Netflix and web browser. 

One of a few ways we can help

  • We can setup a smart booking system that you can link to your website booking and link that to a Check-in/Check-out tablet in reception. 

  • We can plan and implement a reliable and secure WiFi solution that has a guest WiFi and separate staff WiFi and include the outdoor entertainment areas such as the pool. 

  • Cyberkite can plan, cost and implement a smart solution that cover security, atmosphere and entertainment for each room and corridors that you can control anywhere. and controls that client can use. This will include smart locks that are great for your business where you care you can assign temp codes for clients. 


Trades & Construction

Construction Workers

You're a tradesman, construction professional or handyman

  • Your phone or tablet keeps getting carked or damaged all the time costing you a lot of funds to replace and slowing you down in business.

  • You need a simple Accounting and payment solutions for your mobile business but at the moment you deal with paper diaries, paper quotes and invoices and it makes your accountants work so much harder.

  • Your vehicle has a simple radio and if its stolen you wont be able to do anything about it - even though you have expensive tools. 

One of a few ways we can help

  • We can help you select and setup a smartphone and tablet that can withstand falls and hits and its weather proof and works well with everything else you use. So if you are more Apple then we get everything setup on apple and make it rugged but if you are more of an Android user then we can get everything setup on Google. Or Windows and Android. 

  • We can assist you to transition to XERO accounting platform that Accountants love and link that with Square payment solution for mobile workers. 

  • Your work vehicle - we can transition your AV Head Unit to one that works on Android Auto / Apple CarPlay to make your business travel easier. We can add an app on your work phone that will automatically record your travel. We can add GPS tracking solution hidden in your vehicle, so if its stolen you can tell police exactly where it is. And to top it off we can help you select a video black box recover for front and rear of your vehicle for security and accident recording. 


Transport & Logistics

You're a courier, delivery van or transport business like a Uber taxi

  • You need a smart AV Head Unit in your vehicle such as for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto and the taxi app you use such as Lyft, Uber or Didi

  • You need smart GPS tracking solution for your transport vehicles in case of theft.

  • You need a smart and simple way to do your tax as an UBER driver. 

  • You need a blackbox for recording incidents or general surveillance around the vehicle. 

One of a few ways we can help

  • We can help you plan and implement of an upgrade to your AV Head Unit to a smart AV system that works best with your phone for safe driving and navigation. 

  • We can plan and implement a smart GPS location tracking in case of vehicle theft - police can track the vehicle and recover it quickly. 

  • Tax time doesn't have to be complicated for UBER drivers, we can assist in implementation of a simple solution. 

  • Camera blackbox for front and back of the vehicle can be implemented to even record when standing by. Or we can look at a more advanced option that includes left and right side recording as well with dedicated power packs. 

Delivery Men

Remote Workers & Home Office

Woman Working at Home

You work from home or you are always on the road. 

  • We recently got a call from a small cleaning company called Key to Clean - their Windows 10 desktop died at most perfect time - tax time!

  • You are a new home based business and you need to select the right equipment, purchase and setup a reliable and workable home office or maybe you are a unusual home business for example cake making expert and you have a number of issues to resolve to get the business up and running at home. 

  • You are always short on time and you need smart ways to save time and get more done in your home business. 

  • You're a remote worker always travelling for example your a door to door salesman or farmer and you need a portable computer, printer, scanner and internet connection to work on the fly. 

One of a few ways we can help

  • Key To Clean's Windows 10 computer was back up within 1.5 hours. Unfortunately we were not able to recover the data (and that's a great reminder to get in touch with us to help you setup a reliable backup process). But we restored the computer as new and assisted them to upgrade their antivirus to a safer option and restore their data from Office 365. 

  • You have secured funding to get your home business setup - we can sit down with you and plan what you need, organise the purchasing delivered to your door, come in to set it all up. Then provide you with whatever training you need and custom solutions to meet your needs in the short term and long term - to be your IT partner as you grow. 

  • We can look at setting up your whole home to smart devices solution for lighting, security, and access. Automating and setting up schedules that can include things like garage doors, air conditioning, heating, humidifier, air filter and robots around the home office. So you can focus on your business.

  • We can help you setup an efficient mobile workplace you can setup anywhere and any place and still have sufficient power to work all day. 


Arts & Entertainment Business

Cutting a Record
Young Female Artist

You're an artist or a studio or an entertainment business

  • You need a studio space with all the right tech for your arts profession

  • You need to upgrade some of your IT gear 

  • You would like to use some innovate options to create art or prepare models prior to creation

  • You aren't getting enough exposure online or social media. 

Digital Marketing:

  • Setup / Manage Social Media for Artists

  • Setup Online Citations on Artists sites, Google, Bing, Apple

  • Studio Promotion Campaigns

  • Event Promotions (depends what type of promotion)


  • Digital Marketing Coaching for Artists

  • Website & SEO Coaching for Artists

  • IT Training for Artists

  • IT Consulting for Artists

  • Technical Writing of User Guides for Software & IT Equipment you or your staff use

  • Research of the right tech solution for Artists

IT Solutions:

  • VR Solution for Artists, Designers (Oculus or HTC Vive)

  • Google Glass for Buisness v2

  • Microsoft HoloLens - Setup Only

  • High End Computer & Software for Musicians & Artists of All Kinds

  • IT Solution for a small music studio

  • IT Solution for a Pottery or Glass Artist

  • IT Solutions for Painters & Sculptors

  • Wiring and basic setup of studio equipment

  • Payment and accounting solutions for artists


Tech Manufacturer / Reseller

Image by Blaz Erzetic

You're a technology manufacturer or reseller

Some business problems

  • You are designing a new consumer technology product and you haven't got time to test it in the field.  

  • You have designed a new tech consumer product but haven't got time to create a User Guide and Manual and online help centre or they need to be updated in English

  • You have hit a "road block" on a particular problem designing a tech product and you need some great ideas and research

Few ways we can help

  • We can test an app, website or tech product with test users and by our engineer. 

  • Whether its a website, tech product or app we can tailor your user or staff documentation such as short user guides, knowledgebase website, instructional videos and user manuals. 

  • We can prepare a report that brainstorms fresh new ideas for your planned product, website or app. As regards research, we can research design problems and look at them from new perspectives. 


Other Businesses

You're a different business. 

  • You have unusual IT requirement such as you need to setup a science lab to research new technologies and you need support and implementation of the right equipment such as high speed internet connection for the research.  

  • You are a new type of business and you need a special solution to save time or fulfil a business task. 

One of a few ways we can help

  • We sit down with you, understand your needs and then propose solutions to meet your needs, bringing in any specialists as required. 

  • We can assist you in researching and testing technology or software solutions that help fill that unusual business task and work with you long term to refine and improve this process. 

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